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Established in September 2007 with the aim to specifically strengthen the ICGEB activities on the African Continent, the focus of the research undertaken at the Cape Town Component is geared to address key needs of the African population. Each activity contains a major training component aimed at tackling some of the key issues identified through the Gates Foundation Millennium Development Goals. 

Currently, the premises of the ICGEB Cape Town Component cover around 1,200 square metres of the University of Cape Town, Health Science Faculty Campus, and host the activity of four Research Groups. 


The Component operates research programmes at the forefront of scientific excellence, constituting the basis upon which the training programmes are implemented. Current research focuses on infectious diseases (HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, trypanosomiasis, leishmaniasis and schistosomiasis) and non communicable diseases (cancer). A Biotech Transfer Unit for the development of technologies for biogeneric pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes and other bio-molecules with potential industrial applications, has also been established. New Research Groups, including one dedicated to agricultural biotechnology, will become operational within the next few years. While no single institution can tackle the majority of problems and scientific needs of the African continent, ICGEB Cape Town aims to provide a training platform in topics and techniques that the trained scientist will later implement in disparate fields of research and development.

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Funding is provided by the South African Department of Science and Technology

ICGEB Cape Town

Wernher and Beit Building (South)
UCT Campus
Anzio Road
Observatory 7925
Cape Town
Tel: +27-21-4066335
Fax: +27-21-4066060




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