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The Delhi component is located within the ICGEB Campus in South Delhi, which comprises an area of approximately 16 acres. It is situated alongside the Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Sanjay Van in a bush forest area and is close to the NII and NIPGR. The Laboratories comprise a main building, a Guest house facility, Bioexperimentation Unit, BSL-3 Facility, and a number of greenhouses for agriculture related research.

The ICGEB extension laboratory, covering an area of over 3,720 square metres, has been created to decongest the workspace in the existing building. All of the Groups working on malaria, tuberculosis and bioinformatics have shifted to the new wing. The Group working on Synthetic Biology and Biofuel, is also placed here.


The main research areas at ICGEB New Delhi Labs focus on mammalian and plant biology. Biomedical projects are pursued in virology (hepatitis B and E viruses, human immunodeficiency virus and SARS virus), immunology (biology of the immune response and tuberculosis), development of diagnostics and vaccine candidates for dengue viral infection, structural biology (development of synthetic antibiotics, crystal structure determination of proteins and polypeptides) and in the field of malaria both in basic research and vaccine and drug development, as well as development of technologies for biopharmaceuticals and for diagnosis of infectious diseases. In the plant biology area, research projects address the study of insect resistance and biopesticidals, abiotic and biotic plant stresses and crop improvement through biotransformation.

ICGEB New Delhi has 25 Research Groups. The Component also has a flourishing PhD programme in association with the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and at any given time has up to 100 PhD students. In addition, there are approximately 100 junior scientists working in various extra-mural funded research projects. ICGEB PIs have obtained research grants from various funding agencies within the country as well as extra-mural funds from international agencies, such as The Wellcome Trust, European Malaria Vaccine Initiative, European Commission, International Aids Vacine Initiative, National Institute of Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dupont and Pepsico. 

An innovative collaboration programme has also been established with the Emory Global Vaccine Centre that focuses on the development of vaccines against diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. The Malaria Group also has a research collaboration programme with the internationally renowned company, Genzyme India, for malaria drug development.

ICGEB New Delhi

ICGEB Campus
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
110 067 New Delhi
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