21/01/2019 11:09

AIRC funding for 5-year project at ICGEB Trieste

Federica Benvenuti, Cellular Immunology Group Leader and her team receive five-year funding from the Italian Association for Research on Cancer

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16/01/2019 14:47

ICGEB Welcomes Zimbabwe among its Member States

On 19 January 2019, the Government of Zimbabwe accedes to the ICGEB Statutes to become a Full Member State

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16/01/2019 12:36

Call for Proposals for ICGEB funded Meetings and Courses 2020 - Apply before 28 February 2019

The call for ICGEB Meetings & Courses to be held in 2020 is now open: relevant guidelines for proposals, sponsorship and participation grants available here.


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12/01/2019 11:53

Call for CRP - ICGEB Grants 2019 Now Open

The call for ICGEB Research Grant funding is now open: download the application form and relevant guidelines.


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12/01/2019 11:38

New Web site imminent

The ICGEB will be forging ahead into 2019 with a new look. Our new site with updates on our latest scientific publications, funding awards and more - coming soon. In the meantime keep watching here for Meetings registration; vacancies and calls for Grants!

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25/10/2018 21:02

ICGEB at the India International Science Festival IISF 2018

Attended by more than 10,000 people, the ICGEB was a large presence at the 4th edition of the IISF held in Lucknow, India earlier this month

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16/10/2018 20:23

ICGEB Fellowships 2019 - Applications now open

ICGEB Arturo Falaschi Fellowship Programmes 2019 - Applications now open for PhDs, Postdocs, South-South SMART Fellowships; over 1400 fellowships funded since 1988; open to nationals of ICGEB Member States world-wide

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12/10/2018 12:48

ICGEB Workshop - Transcription Factors in Cancer Therapy concluded at ICGEB Cape Town

New insights and recent progress toward development of therapeutics; in attendance Mmboneni Muofhe, Deputy Director-General, Technology Innovation, DST South Africa

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11/10/2018 15:59

Delegation from Slovakia visits Trieste to increase collaboration

With a particular view to increasing joint projects and partnering opportunities, a delegation from the University of SS. Cyril and Methodius, Trnava, Slovakia met this week with Management and Group Leaders in Trieste.

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11/10/2018 15:37

Italy funds rice microbiome and plant health projects

Vittorio Venturi, Group Leader, Bacteriology lab in Trieste, reports on the bilateral project underway with Vietnam and funded through the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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01/10/2018 16:57

Science & the City returns to Trieste from 3 October 2018

The 4th in the series of Science events for the general public, hosted by Mauro Giacca, will be held every Wednesday at 6 pm at the Teatro Miela in Trieste, and broadcast on Rai national television. Don't miss it! 

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01/10/2018 14:34

ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2019 - Just published

ICGEB has been organising highly successful scientific meetings in the Life Sciences since 1988, to facilitate interaction between internationally renowned scientists and young researchers. See this years events:

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27/09/2018 14:57

Trieste Next, 7th edition of the Festival for Scientific Research

Returning to Trieste from 28-30 September 2018, ICGEB participates as Guest Promoter at #TriesteNext, advocating public engagement in science

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25/09/2018 09:27

ICGEB is at EURO BioHighTech - 26-27 September

Innovation Management team members and Group Leaders from ICGEB Trieste will be participating in the conference and fair on research for business innovation taking place in Trieste, Italy this week.

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24/09/2018 14:15

ICGEB and Moldova: strengthening partnerships - towards membership

Alessandro Marcello, Molecular Virology Group Leader, was at Moldexpo last week to present ICGEB's Biomedical Science R&D at the International Conference on Biotechnologies and Personalised Medicine.

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18/09/2018 09:58

Mauro Giacca in Taizhou, China for the 9th International Medicine Expo

The ICGEB's Director-General was in China this weekend to sign the MoU between ICGEB, the CNCBD and the CMC for the establishment of the China ICGEB Regional Research Centre

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17/09/2018 16:24

ICGEB New Delhi receives funding under India-UK multi-institutional partnership

Shams Yazdani, Microbial Engineering Group Leader, is the Indian lead partner in a project to reduce industrial waste from sugarcane processing

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01/09/2018 17:30

ICGEB bids farewell to pioneer geneticist and former Member of the Scientific Council, L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza

Italian-born population geneticist, Professor at Stanford University from 1970 and Member of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers from 1985-2005, L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza has passed away at the age of 96.

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17/08/2018 13:58

ICGEB New Delhi at World Biofuel Day

Organised by the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Gas, Shashi Kumar, Metabolic Engineering, ICGEB New Delhi and a group of 30 colleagues attended this year's event in Delhi, presided by the Prime Minister of India

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16/08/2018 16:51

Nico Blanco, ICGEB Alumnus reports on his experience as a SMART Fellow

The ICGEB Arturo Falaschi SMART Fellowship Programme provides support to young researchers who wish to develop scientific projects working in Groups in ICGEB Member States. After a six-month stay at Ján Jásik's lab in Bratislava, Nico Blanco from Rosario, Argentina looks back and reflects on the success of the programme.

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16/08/2018 12:40

PNAS QnAs with Rafael Radi - Unbound Medicine

Rafael Radi, Director of the Dept. of Biochemistry at the University of the Republic of Uruguay has been serving as Member of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers since 2010. Read the interview published in PNAS on his work on free radicals, oxidants and reduction/oxidation pathways in biomedicine. 

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16/08/2018 10:31

Biosafety Reviews - ICGEB releases Volume 10. Online Resources for Biosafety and Risk Assessment

The compilation of scientific studies on areas of major interest for biosafety and risk assessment, prepared by internationally-recognised scientists, has been released by the Biosafety Group in Trieste.

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10/08/2018 11:06

Together for Impact: UK-India partnership; ICGEB's testimony

To mark the last decade of UK-India research and innovation partnership, the #Togetherforimpact video has been launched by the UK Science Minister: watch the inspiring testimony by Shams Yazdani, Group Leader, Microbial Engineering, ICGEB New Delhi.

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09/08/2018 09:51

ICGEB at the Palais des Nations, United Nations, Geneva for BWC discussions

Alessandro Marcello, ICGEB Group Leader, delivers a statement at this year's Meeting of Experts to strengthen cooperation and assistance under Article X of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

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06/08/2018 15:04

ICGEB Cape Town at National Science Week South Africa

This week at the University of Mpumalanga, Nelspruit, South Africa, ICGEB Cape Town is engaging with young, budding scientists at the South African Agency for Science & Technology Advancement National Science Week

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01/08/2018 15:21

Italy-Slovenia Inter-Regional funded project SUSGRAPE makes good headway

SUSGRAPE is an Interreg funded project of the ICGEB Bacteriology lab in Trieste, that aims to lower the use of chemical substances and Co2 emissions in grapevines and to study the development of new pesticides

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23/07/2018 13:17

All eyes on Trieste: ICGEB at ESOF2020

Trieste, Italy: European City of Science, will host the EuroScience Open Forum from 4 to 10 July, 2020. The biennial pan-European meeting is dedicated to research and innovation - and the discovery of future directions in science. 

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16/07/2018 15:04

Indian industrial partners complete one-month's training in ICGEB Biotech Development Unit

The Biotechnology Development Unit (BDU) has just successfully completed one month's training by four industrial partner employees from India.

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11/07/2018 09:36

ICGEB Biosafety across the African Continent

Recent reports on ICGEB's Biosafety capacity building projects in sub-Saharan Africa

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06/07/2018 10:25

ICGEB Alumna wins scholarship from Soroptomist International of Europe

The scholarship recently awarded to Ambra Cappelletto, Cardiovascular Biology Group, adds hers to the global voice for women. "My ultimate goal is to discover beneficial and effective factors that hold concrete potential to become a therapeutic compound". Thanks for this article Ambra!

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26/06/2018 16:34

Blood from future mothers can help repair heart

An important finding by a group of researchers from Trieste published in Nature Communications in open access

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25/06/2018 22:20

ICGEB New Delhi - JNU PhD Programme: Lists of successful candidates now on line

Students selected for the ICGEB-JNU PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine, Plant Biology and Integrative Biology should contact the Office of the Director, ICGEB New Delhi by 25 June 2018.

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25/06/2018 21:46

David Smith new Director General of Rudjer Boskovic Institute

ICGEB meets David Smith, new Director General of Rudjer Boskovic Institute, ICGEB Affiliated Centre in Croatia

In March 2018, David Matthew Smith assumed the position of the Director General of the Rudjer Boskovic Institute (RBI) in Zagreb. His term at the helm of the RBI, the largest and most prominent scientific institution in Croatia, an ICGEB Affiliated Centre, is foreseen for a period of 4 years.

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25/06/2018 11:41

Who are our best Ambassadors?

Cristina Guerra-Giraldez, ICGEB Appointed Governor from Peru, shows us how it can be done

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20/06/2018 10:16

ICGEB holds its 23rd Annual Symposium in Trieste

Celebrating the past - looking to the future. The annual Symposium, organised and run by dedicated, young PhD students and scientists and their mentors, includes special guest speakers from ICGEB Delhi and Cape Town. Social events include the ICGEB Fun Run and the in-house symposium get-together.

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14/06/2018 15:38

17th UNIACB Meeting in Paris, France

Serena Zacchigna at UNIACB for the ICGEB: discussing Gene Editing and Artificial Intelligence for Bioethics and Ethics of Science

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13/06/2018 11:51

APAARI: ICGEB Scoping Partnership in Agricultural Biotech in Asia-Pacific

On May 29-31 2018, the Regional Expert Consultation on Agricultural Biotechnology to improve livelihoods of farmers in Asia-Pacific was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Martina Viviani, ICGEB Head, Technology Transfer, Fundraising and Innovation, reports.

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13/06/2018 11:08

ICGEB Open Day is back - Saturday, 16 June 2018

Open Day returns at the AREA Science Park, Trieste, Italy. Visit the ICGEB labs; meet our students; network with us..

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12/06/2018 16:55

JUMBO! Ambra Sarracino PhD graduates from the Joint PhD Programme run in Trieste

The Joint PhD Programme in Molecular Biology (JUMBO) is run through a collaboration between ICGEB, SISSA, the University of Trieste and the University of Udine. 

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11/06/2018 16:02

ICGEB at the United Nations for Sustainable Development Goals

Suresh Nair, ICGEB New Delhi was on the panel at the STI Forum for sustainable terrestrial ecosystems at the UN in New York last week for the SDGs.

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25/05/2018 16:13

ICGEB Biosafety eLearning Showcase on line

A protfolio of curriculum-based modules encompassing the biosafety of genetically modified organisms, and related matters in biosecurity, public health, natural resource managament, biocontrol and bioremediation has been launched by the Biosafety Group at ICGEB.

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11/05/2018 11:38

ICGEB Governors meet in Trieste on 10-11 May 2018

The 24th session of the ICGEB Board of Governors was held in Trieste and brought together Government Representatives and high standing scientists in the field of Life Sciences from across its 60 Member strong constituency.

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07/05/2018 22:34

ICGEB Publications now on line

The 2017 Annual Report and the Legal Documents of the Centre are now available on line and will be distributed at the Board of Governors' session in Trieste later this week.

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24/04/2018 09:12

24th Session of the Council of Scientific Advisors in Delhi this week

Thirteen members of the ICGEB CSA are at the ICGEB New Delhi Component this week to discuss the work programme and review the research undertaken during the period 2015-2017.

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09/04/2018 10:33

Mending broken hearts

ICGEB Director-General Mauro Giacca receives ERC Advanced Grant for his research in cardiac regeneration to potentially lead to innovative treatments to induce heart regeneration

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03/04/2018 16:54

Microbes help make hydrocarbons

Updates from the Microbial Engineering Group at ICGEB New Delhi and their breakthrough in achieving the highest production levels of hydrocarbons to date

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03/04/2018 10:21

ICGEB in Almaty, Kazakstan this week, to attend COMSATS Coordinating Council

ICGEB and COMSATS are working to boost collaboration under an MoU first signed in 2009. This week Dr. Maria Luisa Fichera, ICGEB Chief, Legal and Administration, is in Almaty to further parntering, programmes and membership initiatives.

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06/03/2018 15:26

ICGEB Delegation visits site of proposed Regional Research Centre in China

In Taizhou and Shanghai this week, Mauro Giacca, ICGEB Director-General meets with Chinese officials to negotiate the creation of an ICGEB RRC at China Medical City

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06/03/2018 14:32

Neel Sarovar Bhavesh, ICGEB New Delhi wins NMRS Award 2017

Neel Sarovar Bhavesh, Group Leader of Transcriptional Regulation at ICGEB New Delhi wins Indian NMRS Award 2017 

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01/03/2018 15:09

Awareness Workshop in Sri Lanka on ICGEB Funding Schemes

Leading scientists from ICGEB participated in high-level meetings in Sri Lanka to boost scientific research development and partnerships

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21/02/2018 14:52

Our Women in Science

The 3rd International Women and Girls in Science Day, 11 February 2018, provided an opportunity to rally contributions from our labs in Trieste, Delhi and Cape Town - a measure of the active and vital contribution women are making at all levels in the Life Sciences at ICGEB

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31/01/2018 10:28

ICGEB visits Panama for site review of proposed Regional Research Centre

This week in Panama, Mauro Giacca, ICGEB Director-General met with Government Ministers, together with a panel comprising Roger Beachy and Jorge Kalil of the ICGEB CSA, to review the proposal to establish an ICGEB Regional Research Centre at Indicasat

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31/01/2018 09:33

ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2019 - Apply Now

The ICGEB funds, organises and promotes participation in scientific meetings, workshops and events in the Life Sciences in ICGEB Member States. 

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31/01/2018 09:20

ICGEB CRP Grants 2018 - Call Now Open

The ICGEB offers a dedicated source of funding for outstanding projects in ICGEB Member States, to promote collaboration, training of young scientists and the development of research facilities - Proudly announcing the Awards for 2018.

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17/01/2018 11:07

ICGEB finds distinct biomarkers for dengue and chikungunya

Nature: Scientific Reports - Article in Open Source: ICGEB New Delhi researchers on dengue and chikungunya

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09/01/2018 16:47

First Italy-Vietnam Conference held in Hanoi

On 21 November 2017, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Vietnam, together with the Italian Embassy in Hanoi, co-organised the first conference on Italy-Viet Nam bi-lateral funded projects

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08/01/2018 10:02

ICGEB Seminars and Podcasts 2018

Commencing today with two seminars in Trieste, follow this year's ICGEB International Seminar Programme - and download podcasts of free, high-level scientific content

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24/12/2017 19:22

ICGEB receives 3 million euro funding for Biosimilars facility from Region

Regional funding has been granted to promote the growth of ICGEB's Biosimilars production

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21/12/2017 10:35

Updates on Navin Khanna, ICGEB Delhi and his killer work on Dengue

"How one scientist is changing the game for dengue treatment" - In the 26 years that Navin Khanna has been at ICGEB he has developed 26 diagnostic kits, 23 of which are on the market; in "The Ken",  this month.

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27/11/2017 09:47

International Vaccine Conference & Malaria Workshop, New Delhi, 27 Nov-1 Dec

Commemorating 30 years of research activity of ICGEB, New Delhi hosts an International Vaccine Conference and Malaria Workshop revealing the latest breakthroughs in the field of disease biology, vaccine development, diagnostics and therapeutics, underpinning the need for international collaborative efforts to develop technologies to improve human health globally. 

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27/11/2017 08:00

UNIDO General Conference, Vienna, Austria this week

Partnering for Impact, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals; these principles translated to action at the UNIDO General Conference with Representatives from over 150 nations and international organisations - including ICGEB. Playing a global part against global poverty - behind UNIDO Director-General Li Yong.

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20/11/2017 17:06

Delegation from the Latina American Countries in Italy and IILA at ICGEB

Latin American Delegation in Trieste

A delegation of 20 Ambassadors from the Latin American Embassies resident in Rome visited the International Organisations in Trieste in November 2017, coordinated with the "Istituto Italo-Latino Americano" ILLA.

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18/11/2017 11:18

International Arturo Falaschi Conference on Atypical Dementias, Trieste, 21-23 Nov 2017

Atypical Dementias represent a challenge for clinicians and researchers. Next week in Trieste, an international faculty and participants from across the globe come together to discuss the latest breakthroughs in the field.

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17/11/2017 11:10

ICGEB Alumni Unite

As the 2017 ICGEB PhD Introductory Course being held in Trieste this week draws to a close, we launch the official logo of the "ICGEB Alumni", for an even stronger student body.

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08/11/2017 10:43

Can the humble fruit fly help create a flourishing African scientific community?

Marta Vicente-Crespo on fruit flies, and her work for DrosAfrica, with an international faculty including Fabian Feguin, ICGEB Trieste: making the difference.

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06/11/2017 13:31

Latest news - ICGEB publications

From the Molecular Medicine lab this month: paper and editorial in Circulation; P. Lesizza selected as one of 5 winners for 2017 Best Manuscript Award in Circulation Research.

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02/11/2017 16:43

ICGEB Alumnus, Martin Marro, survives New York attack

The entire ICGEB Community is saddened to learn that ICGEB Alumnus, Martin Marro was severely wounded in the attack in New York City on Tuesday, 30 October 2017.

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31/10/2017 15:27

Scientific Diplomacy at its Best

India-Italy Joint Statement during the visit of the Prime Minister of Italy to India lauds scientific collaboration and, in particular, ICGEB.

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16/10/2017 11:50

ICGEB Meetings - Recent Highlights

Sir John Gurdon, Nobel Awardee, gives a keynote lecture at the ICGEB sponsored meeting in Medellin, Colombia last week. This and more on recent ICGEB meetings and sponsored events around the globe this term.

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10/10/2017 14:58

The ICGEB Arturo Falaschi Fellowship Programme 2018

Offering PhD and Postdoc Fellowships to scientists the world-over who are nationals of ICGEB Member States is now open.

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25/09/2017 11:20

ICGEB-China International Fellowship Programme sealed

The Department of International Cooperation, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (DIC-MOST), Beijing, and the ICGEB have finalised a Framework Agreement to launch an International Fellowship Programme funded by the Chinese Government.

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21/09/2017 15:34

Trieste: Next - in the European City of Science

ICGEB has been bringing its science and experiments to the public at Trieste Next - the annual science fair held in the city - since 2012. This year’s edition: Science and the Sea, will take place from 21-23 September 2017. 

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17/09/2017 15:40

ICGEB Cape Town celebrates 10th Anniversary

The ICGEB Workshop "Host-directed therapetuic strategies for infectious diseases" takes place next week, marking ten years of research activity at ICGEB Cape Town.

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15/09/2017 10:11

Published this month in Nature Cell Biology

Each month ICGEB papers are published in top scientific journals and in Open Source. This month the Tumour Virology Group has made an important breakthrough in the study of HPV, published in Nature Cell Biology.

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15/09/2017 09:31

ICGEB New Delhi establishes a Joint Fellowship Programme with Cambridge University

A Framework Cooperation Agreement was signed on 12 September, 2017 between the University of Cambridge, ICGEB New Delhi and DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, establishing a Joint Fellowship Programme supporting collaborative research between Cambridge and India.

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14/09/2017 09:16

AuthorAid:providing help with scientific publications

A number of ICGEB PIs have signed up to AuthorAid, a UK charity that aims to help scientists around the world write papers and prepare grants. AuthorAid helps researchers in developing countries, many of which are ICGEB Members, to communicate their science.

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11/09/2017 20:52

Science in Europe: M. Giacca in Krakow this week

The 6th Central European Congress of Life Sciences Eurobiotech takes place in Poland from 11-14 September 2017. Focusing on biopharmaceuticals, diagnosis, stem cells, biomaterials, food and feed, art in science, dual use of biotechnology and more.


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06/09/2017 12:35

Published in the Journal of Virology and discussed on MD Magazine

Each month ICGEB papers are published in top scientific journals and in Open Source. In June 2017 the Molecular Virology Group has made an important breakthrough in the study of Hepatitis C virus, published in the Journal of Virology. This was picked up and discussed in the MD Magazine in its September issue.

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03/09/2017 13:16

Published in PLoS Pathogens, D. Kumar explains the novelty of his team's finding

Each month ICGEB papers are published in top scientific journals and in Open Source. In March 2017, the Cellular Immunology Group in Delhi has made an important breakthrough in the study of TB, published in PLoS Pathogens and highlighed on World TB Day, 24 March.

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24/08/2017 14:23

Recent study from Trieste on HPV may shed light on neurological disease

"HPV-16, HPV-18 and HPV-31 E6 override the normal phospho-regulation of E6AP enzymatic activity.," an article by Dr. Lawrence Banks, has been accepted in Journal of Virology (JVI). 

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23/08/2017 12:46

ICGEB 2018 Scientific Calendar

Each year, ICGEB organises more than 20 international meetings and courses, workshops, and events on current, hot topics in science. Sponsorship is also provided to events relevant to the ICGEB mandate.

  • Interested in attending an activity? Online application forms will be available soon
  • Want to propose a conference, meeting or workshop? See our guidelines

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11/08/2017 11:27

China Medical City, Taizhou at ICGEB Trieste to develop Regional Research Centre proposal

A delegation headed by Shi Xianci, Deputy Director, Taizhou Medical Hi-tech Zone, China,  met with ICGEB Director-General, Mauro Giacca, and a team from ICGEB Trieste, on Friday, 21 July 2017 to bring forward the proposal for an ICGEB RRC on the territory.

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09/08/2017 15:21

ICGEB Partners EU STARBIOS2 Project

ICGEB Cape Town constitutes one of 12 partners in the EU Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation: STARBIOS2, granted Euro 3.5 million to design and implement Action Plans to attain Responsible Research and Innovation in Biosciences.

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04/08/2017 10:50

Enhancing innovation - from Delhi to Durban via ICGEB

Shams Yazdani and Shashi Rhode, ICGEB New Delhi were recently in Durban, South Africa, to meet wth new CSA member Prof. Zodwa Dlamini (3rd from right), and Deputy Mayor of Durban, Ms. Fawzia, to discuss innovation in environmental sustainability and renewable energy initiatives.

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04/08/2017 10:47

Indo-Iran Workshop to Develop Cooperation in Biotechnology

ICGEB New Delhi, 3-4 August 2017, a workshop headed by Dr. Dinakar Salunke, ICGEB Director and Prof. Mohammad Zamani, Director General of NIGEB meet to define collaborative research strategies

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25/07/2017 18:48

23rd Council of the Scientific Advisers takes Cape Town by storm

The 23rd session of the ICGEB CSA was held on site at the ICGEB, UCT Campus, South Africa on 25-26 April 2017, with 11 of the 15 eminent members in attendance, from Brazil, Canada, China, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Uruguay and the USA. This year's focus: the Research Actvities of ICGEB Cape Town.

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18/07/2017 10:00

ICGEB New Delhi holds its First in-house annual Symposium

Inspired by the success of the Annual Symposium held at ICGEB Trieste since 1995, Dr. Salunke and PIs this year organised the first ICGEB Annual Symposium in Delhi, with special guests from Trieste and Cape Town.

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12/07/2017 16:36

ICGEB at the OECD Expert Meeting on Gene editing for advanced therapies

Held at BMBF, Berlin, Germany, 6-7 July 2017, Serena Zacchigna, Group Leader, Cardiovascular Biology, ICGEB Trieste, attends the meeting discussing governance, policy, and society concerning gene editing for advanced therapies

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11/07/2017 11:42

ICGEB & Institut Pasteur sign an agreement for collaboration in human health sciences

On 10 July 2017, ICGEB New Delhi and the Institut Pasteur sign an agreement to develop opportunities for collaborative research in the field of human health sciences

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11/07/2017 11:28

Tribute to Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat, Former President of the ICGEB Board of Governors

Amb. Adolfo Taylhardat, Diplomat for over 40 years and important figure in the history of the ICGEB, passes away in Caracas, Venezuela, on 10 July 2017. ICGEB pays tribute.

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04/07/2017 15:29

ICGEB projects awarded Italy-Slovenia Inter-Regional funding

The ICGEB has been awarded over Euro 1.2 million under the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 programme of the European Union for its projects entitled "TRAIN" and "SUSGRAPE", envisaged to accelerate innovation, sustainability and cross-border governance.

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03/07/2017 09:33

Trieste, Italy, Joint ICGEB-ICTP-APCTP Workshop on Systems Biology starts today

Systems biology and molecular economy of microbial communiities explore emerging, unifying concepts in how communities self-organise and play central roles in the fields of medicine and agriculture.

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13/06/2017 17:30

ICGEB and Open University UK - collaborating since 1999

This week a team from the OU UK ARC programme visits ICGEB's PhD Alumni and Programme Managers

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30/05/2017 11:54

ICGEB Mini-Symposium on Therapeutic Biosimilars: Podcast now available

With the participation of WHO, UNIDO, Incepta Pharmaceuticals and BIOSIDUS, coordinated by Mauro Giacca, ICGEB D-G, and Marco Baralle, ICGEB Biotech Development, the symposium held during the Board session on 17 May 2017 engaged Governors from over 40 Member States across the developing and least developed world and emerging economies.

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30/05/2017 09:39

ICGEB 2016 Annual Report: now available

Acclaimed at the recent Board of Governors session in Trieste, ICGEB's 2016 Annual Report is now available for distribution

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18/05/2017 12:37

ICGEB Board of Governors: when the world comes to Trieste

Over 90 participants representing more than 40 Member States of the ICGEB, together with representatives from the European Commission and other International Organizations and pharmaceutical companies from Argentina and Bangladesh met in Trieste, Italy on 16-17 May 2017

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15/04/2017 19:39

ICGEB CRP Grants 2017 - Call

The ICGEB offers a dedicated source of funding for outstanding projects in ICGEB Member States, with the goal of promoting collaboration, training of young scientists and the development of research facilities.

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16/03/2017 16:02

ICGEB and the best of Trieste on "My Italian Link" magazine, South Africa

Visibility for Trieste, Italian Centre of Excellence and Science Hub, collectively featuring AREA Science Park Research Institutes - all on My Italian Link: the South African journal

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16/03/2017 08:34

ICGEB Fellowships Call 2017 - Closing date 31 March

The Arturo Falaschi ICGEB Fellowship Programmes offer long and short-term fellowships for scientists who are nationals of ICGEB Member States. Apply now to join the over 1000 ICGEB Alumni active in the field of biotechnology in the world of academia, companies, industry and publishing across the globe.

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07/02/2017 17:16

South African delegation in Italy, visits ICGEB Trieste

Ms. Titi Nxumalo, Consul-General of the Republic of South Africa and her team visit the ICGEB on 25 January 2017

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30/01/2017 13:59

ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2018 - Call now open

The ICGEB provides support for the organisation of scientific events in the Life Sciences in ICGEB Member States. This includes funding for Meetings in Italy, India and South Africa, co-sponsored Workshops, Courses for theoretical and practical training and more..

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22/01/2017 21:15

ICGEB Outreach: Foldscope School Programme launched in Nepal

Tumour Virology Group, Trieste, teams with  NAST and Stanford University to organise hands-on science workshops in public schools in remote areas. ICGEB PhD student, Om Basukala, is in Nepal this week.

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19/01/2017 12:00

ICGEB CRP Grants 2017

This dedicated source of funding for outstanding projects in ICGEB Member States, promotes collaboration, training of young scientists and the development of research facilities. To read about the kind of ground-breaking research that is being supported by ICGEB, download the information on the ICGEB Research Grants awarded under the 2016 call for Applications.

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05/01/2017 16:54

Chile: 2017 Edition of the Futures Congress

Organised by the Senate of Chile, Prof. Mauro Giacca, will be taking part in this year's Futures Congress in Santiago, from 9 to 14 January 2017.

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14/12/2016 14:00

ICGEB Meetings in Costa Rica and Turkey - this week

This week at the University of Costa Rica in San José, the Vth ICGEB Workshop on Human RNA Viruses. While in Izmir, Turkey, students attend the ICGEB Course on Cellular Imaging Techniques.

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08/12/2016 14:20


ICGEB is hosting a session at Science Forum South Africa to be held in Pretoria, on 8 December 2016: igniting conversations about science on the Role of Biotechnology for African Development. Shown in live streaming, the video of the event will soon be available.

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30/11/2016 15:00

Expert calls for biosafety capacity building in Africa

Let's hear it from Dennis Ndolo, Biosafety Group, on Risk Analysis for the General Release of GMOs

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26/11/2016 18:00

JRC - ICGEB Joint Workshop

Genome editing and related technologies: scientific and regulatory considerations. This week in Trieste from 30 Novmeber to 1 December 2016

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25/11/2016 12:02

S. Kumar research on artemisinin and effective malaria treatment

A recent article by Shashi Kumar, ICGEB New Delhi, in Molecular Plant, talks about Artemisinin and it high effect against drug-resistant malarial parasites, which affects nearly half of the global population and kills >500 000 people each year.

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23/11/2016 10:36

ICGEB at UNIDO's 50th Annniversary Celebration & Industrial Development Board this week

ICGEB's Director-General at the 44th Industrial Development Board & UNIDO's 50th Anniversary celebrations: Past Present and Future, in Vienna this week

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04/11/2016 11:57

Organizers and participants at the 8th edition of the Workshop on Leishmania, held in Trieste, Italy, 24-26 October 2016

ICGEB Meetings & Courses? What's just been, what's on now

From October 24-26 ICGEB hosted the Workshop on the Molecular Biology of Leishmania, at its 8th Edition, in Trieste, Italy. Next week the 2nd ICGEB Workshop on Human Papillomavirus takes place at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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19/10/2016 09:31

ICGEB & Sun Pharma announce a new exclusive collaboration to develop novel dengue vaccine for India & Global markets

New Delhi, 19 October 2016: ICGEB and Sun Pharma announce today their new collaboration for the  development of a dengue vaccine, targeted against all four serotypes of Dengue virus that cause disease in humans. Through pre-clinical studies over the past seven years, ICGEB has developed the existing know how and patents for this dengue vaccine candidate.

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18/10/2016 14:35

ICGEB-Emory Vaccine Center Scientists unmask body's immune cells that fight dengue

ICGEB-Emory Vaccine Center partnership unravels the properties of human cells that fight dengue, findings of a collaboration between Emory, ICGEB, AIIMS, THSTI and Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok features on Nature India this week.

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14/10/2016 09:22

H.E. Minister Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology, South Africa visits ICGEB, New Delhi

Mrs. Naledi Pandor, Honourable Minister of Science and Technology, South Africa, visited the ICGEB New Delhi Component on 12th October, 2016. 

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11/10/2016 09:05

The ICGEB Administration - working on a common, international platform

This week colleagues from across the three ICGEB Components in Trieste, Delhi and Cape Town have come together to undertake a series of operational workshops in Procurement, Finance and Accounting procedures.

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19/09/2016 16:21

Trieste Next 2016

ICGEB at the 5th Edition of the European Salon of Scientific Research: Trieste, Italy, 23-25 September 2016

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10/08/2016 14:52

GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence: Results from the Eur 6 Million EU-funded project

ICGEB's Biosafety Group reports on the Conclusions and Recommendations on animal feeding trials and alternative approaches, and on the use of systematic reviews and evidence maps for GMO impact assessment, from the "GRACE" project.

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18/07/2016 11:15

Trieste Science & the City 3

The latest series of events organised by ICGEB Trieste on topics of scientific interest for the general public, aired on national television and radio between 6 April and 11 May 2016, are now available on line.

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05/07/2016 15:31

Supporting Precision Agriculture: GMOs and Golden Rice

Richard Roberts, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1993 and Member of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers champions support for GMOs

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01/07/2016 15:22

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research in South Africa

ICGEB Cape Town reports on the AAS-STIAS Stellenbosch Workshop, held between 27 June to 1 July 2016 in South Africa: an African-driven and African-focussed initiative for developing stem cell therapies and cure for diseases that have plagued the African continent.

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30/06/2016 11:50

New pharmaceuticals identified to cure rare diseases

Using a novel strategy based on small RNA, Franco Pagani and his  Human Molecular Genetics Group, work to find a new therapy for spinal muscular atrophy.

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29/06/2016 11:04

Arturo Falaschi Conference Series 2016: At the intersection of DNA Replication and Genome Maintenance

This week at the Stazione Marittima in Trieste, the 3rd Conference in the series organized by ICGEB to honor the memory of the late Prof. Arturo Falaschi, looks at DNA damage and replication to understand how these mechanisms impact upon cancer and aging.

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16/06/2016 22:23

Polish Alumna A. Kula awarded prestigious POLONEZ Grant

Alumna Anna Kula, awarded POLONEZ grant to establish an independent position back in her home country, Poland.

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15/06/2016 17:26

ICGEB and the Indo-Canada research consortium for development of new anti-malarials against multiple targets in the parasite

Visiting Delhi for the signing of R&D collaborations earlier this year, the Premier of Ontario, Canada, the Hon. Ms Kathleen Wynne announced the grant support for the Indo-Canada joint project "International malaria research consortium for the development of novel classes of antimalarials".

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15/06/2016 11:12

21st ICGEB Annual Symposium, 14-15 June 2016

This year's edition of the Trieste Symposium presents over 30 talks, chaired by ICGEB PhD students, keynote addresses and an opportunity to showcase current research being undertaken across the laboratories.

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27/05/2016 16:50

The 22nd Session of the ICGEB Board of Governors was held in Cape Town, South Africa this week

H.E. Min. Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology of the Republic of South Africa opened the session on Tuesday 24 May 2016 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, CTICC.

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21/05/2016 22:37

Scientific Advisory Board of the UN Secretary-General meets in Trieste, 24-25 May 2016

The 26 leading scientists of the Scientific Advisory Board of the UN Secretary-General will meet in Trieste next week to provide insights and recommendations on the crucial role of science in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

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17/05/2016 17:29

The 22nd Session of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers in Trieste, this week

17-18 May 2016, the CSA Members meet in Trieste to review the science undertaken at the Component.

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07/05/2016 21:42

Sun Pharma and ICGEB New Delhi to develop botanical drug for dengue

ICGEB has signed an agreement with Sun Pharmaceutical Industries to develop a novel botanical drug for the treatment of dengue.

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26/04/2016 16:47

ICGEB Working Group on Zika virus

The ICGEB, with its mandate to support science for the benefit its Member countries, has mobilized its resources against Zika and has created a Working Group involving Group Leaders from its labs in Trieste and New Delhi.

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13/04/2016 13:51

Ambassador from Hungary visits ICGEB Trieste

The Ambassador of Hungary, H.E. Péter Paczolay, visits Prof. Mauro Giacca, Director-General at ICGEB Trieste on Monday, 11 April 2016. Hungary has been a Member State of ICGEB since 1987.

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31/03/2016 15:02

ICGEB Announces: Trieste Science & the City 3

ICGEB promotes Public Engagement through a series of events organized for the general public on cutting edge topics in science. Science&theCity, at its 3rd edition, will be held between 6 April and 11 May 2016 in Trieste

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23/12/2015 12:59

Trieste Science & the City - 2nd edition - now on line

ICGEB's commitment to Outreach and Public Engagement has led to the production of a second DVD on Trieste Science & the City, 6 events held between April - May 2015 on topics of science for the local community. Trieste Science & the City 3, funded by the FVG Region, will be hosted by the city of Trieste in April-May 2016

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16/11/2015 09:27

Amit Sharma, ICGEB New Delhi wins this year's Infosys Award in Life Sciences

Infosys Prize 2015 celebrate science and research and winners are honored by the President of India

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10/11/2015 11:59

ICGEB Trieste welcomes its PhD Students recruited under the 2015 call for applications

The PhD Introductory Course takes place in Trieste this week. ICGEB welcomes its new alumni from across Italy, Nepal, Peru and Serbia.

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03/11/2015 17:27

Dinakar Salunke, appointed Director at ICGEB New Delhi

At ICGEB New Delhi today, 3 November 2015, the ICGEB Director-General, Prof. Mauro Giacca, announced the appointment of Dr. Dinakar M. Salunke as Director of the ICGEB, New Delhi, India.

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23/10/2015 10:50

ICGEB Director-General at the Ministry of Education and Science in Moscow, October 2015

Mauro Giacca was in Moscow last week, to attend meetings with the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Ludmila Ogorodova, and with representatives of ICGEB from the Russian Federation.

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12/10/2015 14:56

ICGEB-BRAZIL Call to fund joint research projects

The Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has launched a public call to support joint research projects, development and innovation with ICGEB: closing date 4 November 2015

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09/10/2015 13:52

South Africa Meeting on the Role of the Microbiome in Disease

The 4th Advanced Summer School in Africa was held in Hermanus, South Africa, from 13-18 September 2015

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28/09/2015 12:53

ICGEB in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1-3 October, 2015

Molecular Mechanisms in Tissue Degeneration and Regeneration, an international meeting on degenerative disorders and hope for new therapies

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22/09/2015 13:09

"A dengue vaccine might be ready in five years", Navin Khanna, ICGEB New Delhi

Recent developments in the Mammalian Biology Recombinant Gene Products lab at ICGEB New Delhi are bringing exciting results.

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16/09/2015 11:31

ICGEB at the Biosafety Clearing-House, Convention on Biological Diversity

Shams Yazdani from ICGEB Delhi, nominated Expert to attend the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group AHTEG on Synthetic Biology, in Montreal, Canada this week.

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15/09/2015 12:35

Dementia Consortium MRCT, Cambridge funds ICGEB project on ALS and FTLD

MRC Technology, London, UK and ICGEB Trieste project to identify new agents capable of stimulating clearance of a protein that forms aggregates in neurons of patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Frontotemporal Lobar degeneration (FTLD) has received funding worth £305,000 from the Dementia Consortium.

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11/09/2015 09:49

Trieste NEXT 2015: BIOlogos The Future of Life

ICGEB at the European Scientific Research Salon: Trieste, Italy on 25-26-27 September 2015

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10/09/2015 10:31

International Symposium on Biotech in Canberra, Australia

The ICGEB Symposium on Science & Technology for Development: the Role of Biotechnology, organized together with the Embassy of Italy, Canberra will be held in the Australian capital next week

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21/07/2015 11:17

ICGEB DNA Tumour Virus Meeting 2015

From 21-26 July 2015, the 46th edition of the annual DNA Tumours Virus Meeting - the most important meeting in the field of viruses and cancer - will be held in Trieste, bringing together over 300 international experts from all over the world.

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01/07/2015 10:50

ICGEB PI Emanuele Buratti joins Editorial Board of the Journal of Biological Chemistry

Commencing July 2015, Emanuele Buratti, Group Leader, Molecular Pathology at ICGEB Trieste, joins the Editorial Board of JCB for a 5 year, 3-month term.

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28/05/2015 09:38

ICGEB Cape Town visits Kenya

A delegation from the ICGEB and the South African Department of Science and Technology visits with Kenyan Government officials and institutions in April 2015

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18/05/2015 21:42

21st Session of the ICGEB Board of Governors

Being held in Trieste this week, from Tuesday 19 to Wednesday 20 May 2015, with Government and scientific delegations from  ICGEB Member States in attendance.

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01/04/2015 00:00

Trieste Science & the City 2

A new series of events organized by ICGEB Trieste on topics of scientific interest for the general public - coming to Trieste, Italy, for six appointments between 1 April and 13 May 2015 - For Italian click here

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27/03/2015 10:29

ICGEB Scientific Council meets in Delhi, March 2015

The 21st regular, annual session of the CSA was held at ICGEB New Delhi from 26-27 March, to review the Centre's programmes.

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21/03/2015 14:10

Ranbaxy Science Foundation honours outstanding scientists

Amit Sharma, ICGEB New Delhi, receives the Ranbaxy Research Award in the field of Medical Sciences for his pioneering work in understanding the function of malaria parasite proteins.

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18/03/2015 22:27

14th Meeting of the United Nations Inter-Agency Committee on Bioethics

Held at ICGEB, Trieste, Italy from 12-13 March 2015: IGOs sharing information on issues of bioethics since 2003

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02/03/2015 11:19

ICGEB Scientists discover HIV virus' hiding place in cells

Published in Nature, 2 March 2015, groundbreaking article on nuclear architecture that dictates HIV-1 integration site selection, by an international scientific team from ICGEB Trieste

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27/02/2015 17:28

Recent PhD Graduates at ICGEB Trieste

Congratulations to all recently graduated PhD students at ICGEB Trieste! Join the ICGEB Alumni - keep in touch!!

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18/02/2015 14:45

Prof. Mauro Giacca receives the "Fondazione Buzzati-Traverso" Award in memory of Prof. Arturo Falaschi

On the occasion of the Joint DBB-IGM Conference, Arturo Falaschi Lecture, held in Pavia on 13-14 February 2015, M. Giacca is presented with the Fondazione Adriano Buzzati-Traverso Award.

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13/02/2015 14:05

Joint Saudi Arabia-ICGEB Workshop on Advances in Biotechnology

Organized by ICGEB and the Saudi Cultural Mission in Italy, the Workshop on Advances in Biotechnology will be held at ICGEB Trieste, Italy from 15-17 February 2015

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12/02/2015 15:43

Malaria Group, ICGEB Delhi, awarded Grant from Medicine for Malaria Venture (MMV), Switzerland

Asif Mohmmed, of the Malaria Lab, ICGEB Delhi, has received a Malaria Box Challenge Grant for his work in identifying a novel anti-malarial.

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10/02/2015 20:17

ICGEB Research Grants 2015

ICGEB offers a dedicated source of funding for outstanding projects in ICGEB Member States, with the goal of promoting collaboration, training of young scientists and the development of research facilities.

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22/01/2015 17:09

ICGEB opens Call for Directors for its Cape Town and New Delhi Components

The ICGEB invites applications for the prestigious positions of Director of its Components in Cape Town and New Delhi. Closing date: 15 April 2015

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21/01/2015 21:30

Arturo Falaschi ICGEB Fellowship Programmes 2015 - Applications now open

Predoctoral, Postdoctoral and Short-term PhD and Postdoc Fellowships are now available for the 2015/2016 academic year at ICGEB labs in Trieste, Italy, New Delhi, India and Cape Town, South Africa

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21/01/2015 19:15

ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2016 - Call for Proposals now open

The ICGEB Meetings and Courses Programme funds, organises and promotes participation in scientific meetings, workshops and theoretical and practical courses in the Life Sciences in ICGEB Member States.

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21/01/2015 16:00

ICGEB DNA Tumour Virus Meeting, 21-26 July 2015

Register on-line to participate in DNATV15. An annual event since 1969, this is the 3rd edition to be held in Trieste, Italy, organized by Lawrence Banks of the ICGEB Tumour Virology Group, and constitutes the 2nd event in the Arturo Falaschi Conference Series.

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18/12/2014 21:59

Repurposing drugs for anti-cancer therapeutics

Work recently published in Moleular Cancer Therapeutics by Luiz F. Zerbini, Group Leader, Cancer Genomics Lab, Cape Town and Towia Libermann, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School describes how an existing antimicrobial agent may help treat kidney cancer.

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17/12/2014 08:53

Science & the City 2

ICGEB disseminates science through series of events organized for the general public on cutting edge topics in science. A new series of events to be held in April 2015 will be presented this Thursday evening in Trieste by M. Giacca who will also participate in a public debate on the Ebola Virus.

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14/12/2014 16:27

International Review Panel at ICGEB New Delhi

Inder Verma, Roger Beachy and Mariano Garcia-Blanco were at the ICGEB Component in New Delhi last week to meet with Group Leaders and PI's for a review of the scientific programme.

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20/11/2014 16:11

ICGEB in Rosario, Argentina this week

For the First ICGEB Workshop on "Human Papillomavirus: From Basic Biology to Cervical Cancer Prevention" 

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28/10/2014 10:17

ICGEB launches a diagnostic kit for Celiac Disease

Presentation today at ICGEB New Delhi with the Indian Minister for Science and Technology

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23/10/2014 08:28

Trieste Course Leishmania 2014

The Theoretical and Practical Couse on "Molecular Biology of Leishmania" is being held at ICGEB Trieste from 22-24 October 2014

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17/09/2014 13:45

What's new in Neurobiology at ICGEB?

Highlights of recent activities by the ICGEB Neurobiology Lab in Trieste

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31/08/2014 15:43


Kevin Dzobo, Cancer Molecular and Cell Biology Group, ICGEB Cape Town, at the International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Tshwane, SA

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27/07/2014 17:01

ICGEB Highlighted in India Budget

Biotech and ICGEB New Delhi are championed in the Science and Technology sector of the Indian Budget for 2014-2015

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21/07/2014 16:15

Three out of three ICGEB projects (and three of a total 40 in Italy) have received funding from Telethon

Winners of the Telethon Funding 2014 for research into rare genetic disorders include Group Leaders F. Pagani, F. Benvenuti and E. Buratti, all of ICGEB Trieste

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30/06/2014 16:12

Training on the Cape

Akhona Vava, Cancer Genomics Lab, ICGEB Cape Town, receives her MSc degree in Medicine with distinction

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09/06/2014 09:16

Open University UK visit to ICGEB Trieste

Members of the Open University visit ICGEB Trieste to conduct regular reviews of the PhD Programme. The Open University UK has been awarding degrees since 1999. 

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02/06/2014 09:27

ICGEB Now on Youtube

Expanding its Social Media platform ICGEB is now uploading its movies of broad public interest on Youtube and Google+

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21/05/2014 14:57

New PhD Course in Molecular Biology launched in FVG Region

An agreement has been signed between the ICGEB, SISSA, the University of Trieste and the University of Udine for a highly innovative, Joint PhD Programme in Molecular Biology: JuMBO

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12/05/2014 15:32

ICGEB Board of Governors meets in Trieste

The ICGEB Board of Governors convened in Trieste on 13-14 May 2014 and nominated the new Director General

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02/05/2014 12:04

Open Day 2014

Open Day at ICGEB Trieste, AREA Science Park, and neighbouring scientific institutes - 10 May 2014

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21/03/2014 15:57

ICGEB Cape Town 2007-2013

The first six years of the ICGEB Cape Town Component, South Africa, in a revised, new edition, brochure now available, as fully endorsed by the Council of Scientific Advisers at its session in Cape Town in February

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26/02/2014 16:21

ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2014

Forthcoming closing dates to register for ICGEB Meetings on Neurodegeneration (Trieste - Italy), Biotechnological Advances for Human Health (Bucharest - Romania) and Advanced Techniques for Clinical and Personalised Human Genomics (Cali' - Colombia). For information and applications link to the dedicated Web pages

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19/02/2014 09:31

19th ICGEB Annual Symposium, 17-18 June 2014

Featuring 50 speakers from among the 200 strong scientific 
population at ICGEB Trieste, including Group Leaders, Researchers and PhD students

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04/02/2014 13:34

Forever Young?

Public Lecture on scientific discoveries and ethical issues surrounding eternal youth - in Trieste this week

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16/01/2014 10:56

Fronto-Temporal-Dementia Project supported by EU Joint Programme

Funding has been granted to ICGEB under the EU Joint Programme - Neurodegenerative Disease Research

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13/01/2014 15:36

ICGEB SMART Fellowships: Scientific Mobility for Advanced Research Training

ICGEB is launching a new, trial fellowship programme for young scientists to enhance training across Member States.

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16/12/2013 14:21

ICGEB South Africa

Recent funding has been awarded to the ICGEB Cape Town Component from the African National Research Foundation, the Swiss-South African joint Research Programme and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), USA

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21/11/2013 12:38

UK-India sustainable bioenergy research funding awarded to ICGEB Delhi

ICGEB Delhi has been awarded funding for collaboration with the University of Nottingham, UK, to undertake one of four research projects that bring together expertise in sustainable bioenergy and biofuels from both countries.

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20/11/2013 14:01

ICGEB Meetings and Courses

This week in Trieste: ICGEB/Eurasnet RNA Alternative Splicing, with organizers from ICGEB Trieste, the UK, Portugal, Germany and Spain

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19/11/2013 09:26

In Memoriam

Paolo Budinich, co-founder of ICTP Trieste and bastion of Trieste's scientific institutes passes away, aged 97

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06/11/2013 12:42

Bionics at the Biotech and Information Technologies Crossroads

A meeting organized in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and held at the Italian Cultural Insitute, Budapest, 31 October 2013

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30/10/2013 16:31

Serbian Delegation visits ICGEB Trieste

R. Žikič, Serbian Assistant Minister for Education, Science and Technology Development, visits the ICGEB, 20 October 2013

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04/10/2013 16:49

South African delegation visits ICGEB Trieste

H.E. Amb. N. Tambo visits the labs at ICGEB Trieste on 4 October 2013

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23/09/2013 16:06

ICGEB: Recent scientific publications in Open Source

Link directly to recent ICGEB scientific publications on PubMed.
Recent papers have featured in high impact journals including Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Reviews Cancer, Cell Host & Microbe, among others.

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23/09/2013 12:33

European Researchers' Night and Trieste NEXT

On Friday, 27 September 2013, ICGEB has taken part in the fourth edition of European Researchers' Night in Trieste. The event, promoted by the European Commission, took place simultaneously across 300 European cities. On 27-28-29 September, Trieste also played host to the second edition of Trieste NEXT; this year's theme: WaterWise

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20/09/2013 16:31

Mechanisms that contribute to HIV latency

Cell Host & Microbe publication also features in SCIENCE Editor's Choice: "The ability of HIV to reside in a latent form in T cells is a major hurdle to finding a cure... Lusic et al find that location matters for latency" 

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20/09/2013 10:18

Indian scientists break dengue code

Progress at ICGEB New Delhi in the search for a dengue vaccine

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03/09/2013 15:28

Thierry Latran Foundation funds ICGEB research in ALS

E. Buratti, Molecular Pathology Group, ICGEB Trieste, receives funding from the prestigious Tierry Latran Foundation for his research on the role of hnRNP proteins in Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis

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23/08/2013 15:11

Women in Science Awards WISA 2013

The South African Department of Science & Technology awards V. Siyo, PhD Student at ICGEB Cape Town, a prestigious scholarship in recognition of her excellent research

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19/08/2013 11:25

The 3D ultrastructure of cells infected by the tick-borne encephalitis virus revealed by ICGEB researchers

The cover of the August issue of the Journal of Virology shows a high-resolution 3D image of the cytoplasmic compartments of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) obtained by electron tomography - a groundbreaking collaborative effort in science

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24/06/2013 22:39

18th ICGEB Annual Symposium, 18-19 June 2013

Featuring 50 speakers from among the 200 strong scientific 
population at ICGEB Trieste, including Group Leaders, Researchers and PhD students. 

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14/06/2013 13:00

Science & the City

With its final appointment held on 14 June, "How to Mend a Broken Heart" with G. Sinagra and M. Giacca, the cycle of 6X60 minutes of science, organized by ICGEB Trieste closes. The events took place between 8 May and 14 June in Trieste, Italy, on topics of major scientific importance and interest for the general public.

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21/05/2013 15:34

Italian Days of Science, ICGEB Workshops held in Budapest and Turin

Italo-Hungarian Cultural Framework spawns ICGEB scientific workshops in Budapest and Turin in April-May 2013

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14/05/2013 15:55

ICGEB Board of Governors, 19th Session, 14-15 May 2013

In Trieste this week, with participation including representatives from the Host Governments of Italy, India and South Africa and over 70 delegates from Governments of ICGEB Member States and scientific institutions.

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13/05/2013 14:35

ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers, 19th Session held from 6-7 May 2013 in Trieste, Italy

The ICGEB Scientific Council in Trieste last week, provided the opportunity for PhDs and postdocs from the laboratories to interact with the top international experts in the field

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22/03/2013 12:29

ANSA Nuova Europa: breaking news from Central and Eastern Europe

The newly launched ANSA Press Agency portal, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central European Initiative and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, will also feature Science and Technology reports from ICGEB

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09/03/2013 09:37

ICGEB awarded for "Most promising vaccine for emerging diseases in India"

At the Vaccine World Summit 2013, held 5-8 March in Pune, India, the Novavax, CPLB and ICGEB collaboration is honored for Malaria vaccine progress

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06/03/2013 15:59

India-Australia Collaborative Workshop on Biofuels and RNAi

The Indian Department of Biotechnology and the Queensland Government of Australia Joint Workshop on Feedstock for Biofuels and RNAi was held at ICGEB New Delhi on 25 February 2013

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01/03/2013 14:29

Ties reaffirmed between ICGEB and Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Prof. Maria Koziolkiewicz, Dean, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Lodz University of Technology, appointed ICGEB Liaison Officer for Poland

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20/02/2013 21:48

The Synergy between ICGEB and the University of Colorado

Collaboration between world-class institutes and universities: a guarantee of success in scientific research

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08/02/2013 09:40

Young scientists for a day

Over 50 middle school students and their teachers are greeted by the Director General on a recent visit to the ICGEB labs and conduct an experiment or two..

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18/01/2013 14:19

Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome investigated

Recent findings from the ICGEB Cellular Immunology lab published this week in the Journal of Experimental Medicine

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14/12/2012 10:32

25 years of ICGEB

Twenty five years ago, in December 1987, the first experiments were underway in the laboratories of ICGEB in Trieste. In the course of time, the International Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology has consolidated its role as a Centre of scientific excellence.

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05/12/2012 22:04

Can microRNAs promote heart repair?

As published in Nature, the world's leading scientific journal, this week, Mauro Giacca and colleagues report on short snippets of RNA that can stimulate cardiac regeneration after heart attack.

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03/12/2012 12:25

Namibia becomes the 63rd ICGEB Member State

On 2 December 2012, the Government of Namibia acceded to the ICGEB Statutes to become its 63rd Full Member State

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24/11/2012 15:27

Funding awarded from the ALS Agency for Research

The Molecular Pathology Group at ICGEB, headed by Prof. Francisco Baralle, receives maximum funding from the Agency for Research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

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23/11/2012 16:20

Human tumour viruses help unlock the secrets of cancer development

Released online in Nature Reviews Cancer, Lawrence Banks and colleagues in the ICGEB Tumour Virology Lab explore cell polarity disruption during virus-induced tumourigenesis.

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21/11/2012 10:52

Ambassador M. Melani, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visits the ICGEB labs

On the occasion of the 11th Annual Conference of the Regional Coordination of Research Institutes, held in the AREA Science Park in Trieste, the Director-General of the Directorate for the Promotion of the "Country System", Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visits the ICGEB labs in Trieste

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16/11/2012 15:18

ICGEB Alumni in Trieste, 22-23 November 2012

First organized in 2004, the ICGEB Alumni meeting provides a unique and rewarding opportunity for current PhD fellows to meet former students from the 170 strong body of ICGEB PhD Alumni. 

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08/11/2012 14:11

Prof. Xiaocheng Gu, former Chair of the ICGEB, passes away on 3 November 2012

Tribute to Prof. Xiaocheng Gu

Renowned Chinese scientist and teacher, former Chairperson of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisors, passes away on 3 November 2012.

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08/11/2012 10:00

ICGEB receives USD 6 million grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A new grant is received by ICGEB to strengthen and expand biosafety systems in sub-Saharan Africa

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06/11/2012 17:33

Calls for ICGEB Fellowships and Grants 2013 now open

Application Forms and Guidelines for the 2013 round of Fellowships and Collaborative Research Projects are now available

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30/10/2012 13:20

Recent scientific publications from ICGEB Trieste

Download and link directly to recent ICGEB scientific publications available on Open Access and via PubMed.

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26/10/2012 10:35

Indian Ambassador visits ICGEB Trieste on 26 October 2012

His Excellency Debabrata Saha, Ambassador of India in Rome, meets with ICGEB's Director-General, Prof. Francisco Baralle, and takes the opportunity to tour the labs and meet some of the Indian students currently at the Centre.

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25/10/2012 13:40

ICGEB Leishmania Course, 24-26 October 2012

Bringing together young researchers from countries around the world where Leishmaniasis is endemic and providing them with the opportunity to interact with leading scientists in the field. This week in Trieste.

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22/10/2012 14:36

Australian Prime Minister visits ICGEB New Delhi

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, meeting with scientists at ICGEB on Friday, 19 October 2012, welcomed the scientific communities of India and Australia working together to develop a vaccine to fight the scourge of malaria.

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16/10/2012 16:52

Prevention of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases - ICGEB Cape Town

Accounting for an estimated 55 million deaths annually, over 90 per cent of these occur in developing countries. Cape Town, South Africa, 15-19 October 2012, Luis Zerbini runs the course on "Non Communicable Diseases in Developing Countries".

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11/10/2012 15:26

Trieste iGEM team fly to Boston finals

The 2012 team, hosted at ICGEB, move to the final phase of the competition run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

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09/10/2012 12:07

Advances in bioinformatics tools for the analysis of high-throughput omics data, Santiago, Chile, 16-26 July 2012

Report on ICGEB Course "Advances in Bioinformatics Tools for the Analysis of High-throughput Omics Data", Santiago, Chile

Researchers from the Centers for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) and Genome Regulation, University of Chile, share expertise in metagenomics projects at the Course held in July.

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06/10/2012 00:32

GM crops: risk assessment and regulation [image courtesy of fear The Food and Environment Research Agency web site]

Launch of EU research project on the systematic assessment of GM Plants

The GRACE Project - GMO Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence - comprising ICGEB and 17 partners from across 13 countries, has received funding from the EU for Euro 6 million.

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05/10/2012 23:12

GMOs: deconstructing a myth

Roger Beachy, former Director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), Dept. of Agriculture, Washington D.C. speaks on GMOs - in Trieste

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30/09/2012 11:43

ICGEB at Trieste NEXT 2012: Save the Food

The European Innovation and Science Research Forum in Trieste, Italy, from 28 to 30 September 2012. 

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10/09/2012 10:39

Montenegro becomes the 62nd ICGEB Member State

On 5 September 2012, the Government of Montenegro acceded to the ICGEB Statute to become the 62nd Full Member State of the ICGEB

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04/09/2012 12:19

Istanbul, Turkey, 2-8 September 2012, ICGEB Workshop on Bioinformatics approaches for analysis of high-throughput biological data

Organized by Hasan H. Otu, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey, and Luiz Fernando C. Zerbini, ICGEB Cape Town, South Africa, the workshop takes place in Istanbul, Turkey, this week.

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03/09/2012 00:02

Heart is Life - winner of the 2012 "Art or Science?" competition

Dedicated to images produced in the context of physics or biological research and to which artistic value might also be attributed, this year's first prize is awarded to M. Mano, ICGEB Trieste

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02/09/2012 16:47

ICGEB innovation at Trieste NEXT

Opening the European Forum for innovation in scientific research in Trieste, 10 of the most brilliant Italian researchers explain their ideas on innovation. ICGEB's Serena Zacchigna presents miCARE - microRNAs for Cardiac Regeneration

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28/08/2012 16:52

ICGEB Research - presentations on iTunes U

ICGEB Group Leaders present an overview of their current research. View excerpts and download the scientific presentations podcast from the Board of Governors Session held in June 2012

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27/08/2012 12:49

DST Women in Science Fellowship awarded to ICGEB MSc student

At the DST South African Women in Science Awards, hosted in Pretoria on 24 August 2012, Akhona Vava, of the Cancer Genomics lab is awarded a fellowship

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17/08/2012 12:12

ICGEB and AIRH - fostering science in secondary schools

ICGEB Trieste and the Italian Association for Research, Prevention and Cure of disabilities have been working together for over 20 years to bring knowledge in modern molecular medicine to Italian secondary school students.

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25/07/2012 12:32

ICGEB Trieste hosts South African Consul General

On 25 July 2012, Mr. Saul Kgomotso Molobi, recently appointed
Consul General of the Republic of South Africa in Milan, visited the facilities at the ICGEB in Trieste

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24/07/2012 12:29

ICGEB PhD research featured in the IAVI Report

The Publication on AIDS Vaccine Research reports on this year's Retrovirus Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Lab, held from May 21-26, featuring ICGEB PhD Student, Bruna Marini's findings.

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23/07/2012 12:17

UK seeks Exceptional talent

Are you an exceptional talent? Do you wish to undertake a work period in the UK? The UK Home Office, through it's overseas Embassies, is promoting the Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) visa category, for internationally recognised world leaders or potential world-leading talent in the fields of science and the arts  who wish to work in the UK.

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22/07/2012 11:45

Italian leaders come together for the growth of the nation

Rome, Italy, April 2012, the Italian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Research met with internationally renowned leaders in the fields of science, research and industry to promote networking opportunities for growth and development.

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20/07/2012 23:01

ICGEB New Delhi - developments for Malaria Vaccine

Virander Chauhan, Director, ICGEB India, heads a research campaign, awarded funding by the Indian Department of Biotechnology and the European Vaccine Initiative, to develop a malaria vaccine

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12/07/2012 10:57

Researchers consider appropriate regulatory frameworks for GM insects

ICGEB, in the framework of its collaboration with the Italian Ministry for the Environment, publishes a new review article by Oxitec scientists considering the opportunities and challenges faced in the regulation of the use of genetically modified insects.

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11/07/2012 10:39

ICGEB Cape Town Operational Agreement is concluded

Trieste, 6-7 June, the Special Session of the Board of Governers provides the occasion for the official signing of the Operational Agreement between the Government of the Republic of South Africa and the ICGEB.

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10/07/2012 14:11

ICGEB at the 2012 edition of the Milan Cultural Festival "La Milanesiana"

The 13th edition of "La Milanesiana" Festival, showcasing Italian literature, music, cinema, art, philosophy, theatre and, this year, science - in attendance Mauro Giacca, Director ICGEB Trieste

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04/07/2012 10:57

17th ICGEB Symposium, 5-6 July 2012

Featuring 60 speakers from among the 200 strong scientific 
population at ICGEB Trieste, including Group Leaders, Researchers and PhD students. 

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28/06/2012 16:55

AXA Research Fund awards ICGEB postdoc

ICGEB Postdoc, Giulia Bortolussi, receives prestigious AXA Fellowship for work on developing specific therapies for bilirubin neurological damage, based on drug administration or gene therapy.

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27/06/2012 14:21

Frontiers in Cardiac and Vascular Regeneration

The Abstract Book and Podcast of presentations from the  First meeting of the Arturo Falaschi Conference Series on Molecular Medicine, Stazione Marittima, Trieste, Italy 30 May - 2 June 2012 are now available for download. 

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23/06/2012 11:25

ICGEB: What have we been publishing?

Link directly to recent ICGEB scientific publications on PubMed. Recent papers have featured in high impact journals including Blood, Oncogene, Nucleic Acids Research, Human Gene Therapy ...

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22/06/2012 10:32

ICGEB Bioinformatics Course, 25-30 June 2012

"Bioinformatics: Computer Methods in Molecular and Systems Biology", ICGEB Trieste, Italy

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05/06/2012 10:22

ICGEB Patents - download the movies

Patents and other intellectual property rights are assigned a key role at ICGEB - in fostering innovation, ownership and in-house application, promoting the transfer of technology and know-how to Member countries. Here, ICGEB researchers explain their patents and their applications, directly.

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27/04/2012 22:57

The International Society for Frontotemporal Dementias has been founded

ICGEB Researcher, Emanuele Buratti, is nominated to the Board of Directors of the newly established International Society for Frontotemporal Dementias

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27/04/2012 16:07

Angolan and Tanzanian Delegations visit ICGEB - Cape Town

On 26 March 2012 ICGEB Cape Town plays host to official delegations from the Ministry for Higher Education Science and Technology in Angola and from Tanzania's Ministry for Communication Science and Technology.

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17/04/2012 14:46

Innovation Early Bird Prize awarded to ICGEB

Researchers at ICGEB Trieste have been awarded the AREA Science Park Innovation Prize 2012 for their recently deposited patent on microRNA to induce cardiac regeneration. ICGEB also receives a Special Award for its commitment and willingness to tackle new horizons.

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17/04/2012 09:21

World Hemophilia Day 2012 - April 17

The ICGEB joins the international bleeding disorders community on April 17 to mark World Hemophilia Day helping spread the message to "Close the Gap" of care around the world.

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12/04/2012 23:38

ICGEB Trieste hosts Indian Consul General

On 12 April 2012, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Verma, Indian Consul General in Milan, visits ICGEB Trieste and meets with the Indian students in the labs

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23/03/2012 08:44

Advanced Summer School in Africa, 24-31 March 2012

Organized by M. Iqbal Parker, Director, ICGEB Cape Town, the third edition of the Summer School, this year on "Nutrition and Disease: Biochemical and Molecular Insights", has taken place in Hermanus

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22/03/2012 13:23

ICGEB against ALS

The Foundation Vialli e Mauro for Research and Sport finances research against Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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21/03/2012 14:23

Zimbabwe Minister for Science and Technology visits ICGEB Cape Town

Hon. Prof. Henri Dzinotyiweyi visits ICGEB on 16 March 2012 with a view to membership

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19/03/2012 16:29

Merida, Mexico "Biotechnology Summit 2012"

Organised by Susana Lozano-Muñiz, Int. Foundation for Biotech Research and proudly co-sponsored by ICGEB

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13/03/2012 16:01

Updates from the Ruder Boskovic Institute, ICGEB Affiliated Centre

The focus of a European initiative to enhance computational approaches in the life sciences in the Western Balkan region.

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13/03/2012 11:01

ICGEB RNA Structure and Function 2012 on iTunes U

ICGEB content on iTunes U is downloaded and previewed a - staggering - average 5,600 times per month, with visitors from over 100 countries worldwide.

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08/03/2012 11:30

South Africa confirms backing for ICGEB

SA to sign new biotechnology agreement with the ICGEB

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07/03/2012 16:49

ICGEB - CHILE International Course on lignocellulosic bioethanol, 12-16 March 2012

"Chile's second major source of income is based on forestry and R&D is being carried out to obtain second generation biofuels. The objective here is to help build human capability and infrastructure within the country and the region."

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01/03/2012 15:28

"Molecular bullets" against severe, rare, genetic diseases are developed at ICGEB

Researchers at ICGEB in Trieste have created a therapeutic strategy based on small RNAs in order to bypass the genetic defect responsible for grave diseases still without a permanent cure.

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24/02/2012 13:05

ICGEB South Africa

Congratulations to ICGEB Cape Town's first PhD Graduate!

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21/02/2012 09:18

CERES Fellowships - Call for Applications

The CEI Research Fellowship Programme (CERES) call for applications is now open (Deadline: 30 April 2012). Fellowships are funded in the framework of the EU FP7, People - Cofund Action and awarded through a network of five partner research institutes including ICGEB.

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14/02/2012 15:27

News from ICGEB's Affiliated Centre in Cuba

In Cuba Headlines today: Good international acceptance of Cuban Vaccine

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14/02/2012 14:43

Theoretical Course "RNA Structure and Function"

The annual ICGEB Theoretical Course on RNA Structure and Function will take place in Trieste between 27 February and 1 March 2012.

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10/02/2012 15:27

CEI Ministerial Delegation visits ICGEB

Representatives from 14 countries of the Central European Initiative visit Trieste

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08/02/2012 22:01

N. Khanna awarded for research on anti dengue vaccines

Navin Khanna, Group Leader, Mammalian Biology, Recombinant Gene Products has been awarded for industrial research and his work on anti dengue vaccines.

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06/02/2012 11:51

ICGEB Trieste: What have we been publishing?

Link directly to recent scientific publications from ICGEB Trieste on PubMed. Recent papers have featured in Virus Research, PLoS Pathogens, Traffic and ISRN Microbiology (Open Access) journals, among others.

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04/02/2012 22:56

"Antivirals for the Developing World" Symposium at ICGEB New Delhi this week

This week in Delhi, the 2012 ICGEB Meetings and Courses kick off with the Symposium on Antivirals for the Developing World.

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23/01/2012 09:07

International recognition for ICGEB researchers

2011 has been a very rewarding year for ICGEB PhD and Postdoc students attending international meetings.

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09/01/2012 13:21

ICGEB Seminars 2012

The ICGEB Trieste Seminar Program is now on line - read more and follow availability of groundbreaking scientific presentations on iTunes U

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09/01/2012 11:28

ICGEB Publications

Download or request complimentary copies of ICGEB's publications and reference material

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02/12/2011 13:03

ICGEB Board of Governors, 18th Session held from 16-18 November 2011

Participation included representatives from the Host Governments of Italy, India and South Africa and over 70 delegates from Governments of ICGEB Member States and scientific institutions.

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25/11/2011 22:01

ICGEB New Delhi Tuberculosis Research

Funding awarded under the Canadian Grand Challenges Scheme and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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09/11/2011 12:41

Biotechnology for Africa

ICGEB Cape Town 2007-2011 - The first four years of the ICGEB Cape Town Component, South Africa

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12/10/2011 13:50

New "Polo Científico" inaugurated in Buenos Aires

Francisco E. Baralle joined President Fernandez de Kirchner at the official ceremony on 6 October 2011 in Argentina, to inaugurate the labs, which include an ICGEB facility.

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06/10/2011 12:01

Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America

Mauro Giacca, Director of the Italian Component of ICGEB, speaks at the 13th SCBA International Symposium in Guangzhou, China, 25-29 July 2011, attended by over 1200 SCBA Members worldwide, including internationally recognized bioscientists, including Shu Chien, Kwok-Yung Yuen and David Ho.

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06/10/2011 10:53

Trieste iGEM Team to fly to Boston

The team - hosted at ICGEB - win the European selection in Amsterdam and move to the final phase of the iGEM competition run by MIT

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01/10/2011 16:50

ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2012

See next year's calendar of scientific meetings and courses to be held at ICGEB labs and Member States

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29/09/2011 09:25

European Researchers' Night 2011 in Trieste, Italy

On Friday, 23 September 2011, ICGEB participated in European Researchers' Night in Trieste. The event, promoted by the European Commission, took place simultaneously across 32 European cities. EU funded events took place across 44 Italian cities.

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28/09/2011 16:50

ICGEB Bioinformatics Course, 3-7 October 2011

"Advanced Bioinformatics: Computational Systems Biology", ICGEB Trieste, Italy

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15/09/2011 16:50

ICGEB Biosafety Workshop, 19-23 September 2011

"Problem Formulation: A Strategic Approach to Risk Assessment of GMOs", ICGEB Trieste, Italy

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31/07/2011 12:25

ICGEB Italy official Facebook page

Join us on Facebook - become a fan of ICGEB

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15/07/2011 14:21

DNA Tumour Virus Meeting - 19-24 July 2011

To be held in Trieste, Italy for the third time, this annual meeting was first held in Cold Spring Harbor in 1969, and attracts close to 300 scientists from around the world.

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29/06/2011 14:01

Open University UK PhD students at ICGEB Trieste

The Open University UK has been awarding PhD degrees undertaken at ICGEB Trieste since 1999. Overall, it has validated 29 per cent of the over 120 PhDs awarded to date to scholars at ICGEB Trieste.

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31/05/2011 16:27

We still need humanistic scientists

A tribute to Arturo Falaschi, a man of two cultures

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30/05/2011 10:52

Italian Society of Biophysics and Molecular Biology 7th Annual Seminar

This year's SIBBM Seminar, dedicated to advanced topics bridging basic molecular and cellular biology and clinical investigation, was held in Trieste from 26-28 May 2011.

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10/04/2011 15:43

Wellcome Trust UK funds ICGEB Human Papilloma Virus project

The Wellcome Trust UK has awarded a joint grant to ICGEB Trieste and the University of Birmingham, UK

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04/04/2011 15:43

Tribute to Prof. Héctor Norberto Torres

Renowned Argentinian scientist and teacher passes away at the age of 75 in Buenos Aires, on 2 April 2011.

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01/04/2011 15:39

Courses in Member States

Invitations are being extended to ICGEB Member State participants to attend the "Four Colours of Biotechnology" Congress to be held in Kracow, Poland, from 12-15 October 2011.

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29/03/2011 15:39

ICGEB Courses in South Africa

2011 ICGEB Courses in Cape Town and Pretoria, on Human Genetics, Biosafety and Global Infectious Disease Research

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28/03/2011 12:51

ICGEB Trieste: Recent publications

Recent publications from ICGEB Trieste and the Monterotondo Outstation have featured in the EMBO Journal, the Journal of Virology and Leukemia

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24/02/2011 14:39

ICGEB Podcasts

ICGEB is publishing its seminars on the Web in the interests of providing a scientific and educational environment of the highest standard, and to conduct innovative research in life sciences for the benefit of developing countries.

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08/02/2011 08:49

Call for nominations - TWAS Prizes 2011

Nominations are sought for 2011 Prizes by the Third World Academy of Sciences

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07/02/2011 09:02

Synthetic Biology and Biofuel Lab - ICGEB New Delhi

Metabolic engineering, cellulolytic enzymes and biofuels - the focus of the new Group operating at ICGEB New Delhi from 2011

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01/02/2011 09:32

CERES Fellowships - Third Call for Applications

The 3rd call for applications for the CEI Research Fellowship Programme (CERES) funded in the framework of the EU FP7, People - Cofund Action is now open.

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06/01/2011 15:35

Chetan Chitnis, ICGEB New Delhi, receives Infosys Prize

The Infoysys Prize 2010 honored six scientists for their outstanding research, including Chetan Chitnis of the Malaria Group, ICGEB New Delhi

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14/12/2010 08:49

BioVision-Lilly Award in conjunction with TWAS

BioVision, in partnership with the Third World Academy of Sciences and the support of the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership, establishes Award for young scientists from developing countries for excellent research in infectious diseases

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30/11/2010 11:51

ICGEB Trieste: Recent publications

Recent publications from ICGEB Trieste have featured in the EMBO Journal, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Journal of Virology, NAR and Oncogene

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15/11/2010 13:55

ICGEB New Delhi - International Malaria Research Consortium is launched

An International Malaria Research Consortium, to combine technologies and expertise from two Continents to tackle the deadly disease has been initiated.

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28/10/2010 17:04

ICGEB Headquarters dedicated to the memory of Professor Arturo Falaschi

On the occasion of the opening of the XVII Session of the ICGEB Board of Governors, the Headquarters of the Centre has been dedicated to the memory of Professor Arturo Falaschi

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06/10/2010 14:51

New PhD students arrive at ICGEB Trieste, Italy

ICGEB Trieste welcomes the new students to its international PhD Course 2010-2011, from Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, India, Italy, Malaysia, Poland and Turkey.

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22/09/2010 09:25

European Researchers' Night, Trieste, Italy

On Friday, 24 September 2010, ICGEB takes part in European Researchers' Night in Trieste. The event, promoted by the European Commission, has taken place place simultaneously across 33 European cities, 6 of which in Italy.

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31/08/2010 15:39

ICGEB Outstation research features in The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society eNews

Dimitar Efremov, Head of the ICGEB Molecular Hematology Group at the Monterondo Outstation in Rome, talks about his research into chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

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29/08/2010 15:39

Kenya becomes 61st ICGEB Member State

On 29 August 2010, the Government of Kenya acceded to the Statutes to become the 61st Full Member State of the ICGEB

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01/07/2010 16:50

ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2011

The calendar for the scientific meetings and courses to be held at ICGEB Components and Member States during 2011 is now available.

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24/06/2010 11:11

Arturo Falaschi, MD PhD

With great sadness we bid farewell to our Prof. Arturo Falaschi

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23/06/2010 12:51

ICGEB New Delhi: NIH Joint Grant Awarded

NIH has awarded a joint grant to ICGEB and the Emory Vaccine Center in New Delhi, India to develop vaccines against HIV subtype C.

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31/05/2010 15:39

ICGEB Open Day 2010

ICGEB Trieste plays host to 300 visitors. On Saturday 12 June 2010 ICGEB researchers in Trieste demonstrated through practical and hands-on experiments what research is and how it is done.

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14/03/2010 15:31

Virus Research at ICGEB

ICGEB's effort to foster molecular virology worldwide has included recent meetings across three Continents on the common theme of virus diseases affecting the developing world, attracting and facilitating participation of scientists in directly affected areas.

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08/03/2010 11:51

ICGEB New Delhi: new pathways for Tuberculosis therapy

A recent study undertaken by the Mammalian Biology: Immunology Group, in collaboration with the All India Institute of Medical Science, focuses on new pathways for TB therapy

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04/03/2010 14:39

Enhancing Human Capacities: Training and Education in Agricultural Biotechnology

Download the Podcast of the ICGEB Parallel Session held at the FAO International Technical Conference on Agricultural Biotechnologies (ABDC-10) held in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 1-4 March 2010

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21/12/2009 16:08

Gates Foundation grants for TB electronic nose and malaria vaccine

Of 76 grants awarded to public health researchers globally, 3 went to Indian research teams, including ICGEB New Delhi

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02/12/2009 11:00

ICGEB Board of Governors, 16th session

The ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers and Board of Governors sessions 2009, held at the New Delhi Component, India, between 16-20 November.

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14/09/2009 09:36


Capacity Building in Basic Molecular Biology. Phase 2: The "International Workshop on Pathogens that affect Agricultural Productivity", held on 1-2 October, in Santiago, Chile

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07/06/2009 14:34

Open Day 2009 - Trieste Component

Over 350 people visit the ICGEB Trieste laboratories on Open Day, 6 June 2009 - Oltre 350 visitatori ospitati ai laboratori dell'ICGEB di Trieste, sabato, 6 giugno 2009

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27/01/2009 18:45

Joint Project on Capacity Building in Basic Molecular Biology

First phase of the ICGEB, TWAS and UNESCO/IBSP research funding opportunity, to create a network of research laboratories involved in the study of plant and animal pathogens that affect agricultural productivity in developing regions, has now been concluded.

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01/12/2008 15:46

Genzyme and ICGEB Collaboration to Advance Treatments for Neglected Diseases

Genzyme Corporation, a global leader in biotechnology, and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, a not-for-profit research and development (R&D) organization, have announced a new research collaboration to advance treatments for neglected diseases.

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30/11/2008 15:59

EURASNET WP12 Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting, March 2009, ICGEB Trieste, Italy

3rd EURASNET WP12 Interdisciplinary Focus Meeting "Alternative and aberrant splicing in neuromuscular and neurodegenerative processes", held 26-27 March 2009.

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30/11/2008 13:59

Intellectual Property Watch

ICGEB's Policy Guidelines on Patents aired at a recent World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Symposium in Geneva.

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29/11/2008 18:45

ICGEB Board of Governors, 15th session

The ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers and Board of Governors sessions 2008 held at the Cape Town Component, South Africa, between 24-28 November. Prof. Francisco E. Baralle, confirmed as ICGEB Director-General for an additional five years.

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29/11/2008 18:45

ICGEB end of year Press Conference

ICGEB presents the major results of its research activities for 2008 from the Components in Trieste, Italy, New Delhi, India and Cape Town, South Africa.

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04/11/2008 14:30

Renowned biochemist, Irwin C. Gunsalus, first Director of ICGEB, dies at 96

Irwin C. Gunsalus, the first Director of the ICGEB from 1986-1989, has died at his home in Andalusia, Ala, USA

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20/10/2008 13:33

Research Reveals New Biofuels Link

Rice engineers find way to make ethanol, valuable chemicals from waste glycerin. Collaboration with the Malaria Laboratory, ICGEB New Delhi.

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27/06/2008 19:45

ICGEB Grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

ICGEB receives a grant of USD 3 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to strengthen and expand biosafety systems in Sub-Saharan Africa to help African regulatory bodies ensure the safety of crop biotechnology.

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29/05/2008 09:32

ICGEB Cape Town Component Established

UN Secretary-General communicates entry into force of the Protocol to the ICGEB Statutes, officially establishing the third Component in Cape Town.

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28/05/2008 02:00

ICGEB Trieste, 13th Annual Symposium

From 17-18 June 2008, the Trieste Component 13th Annual Symposium is held at ICGEB Trieste, featuring 52 speakers from the Laboratories and Outstations. On this occasion the new ICGEB Web site is officially launched.

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07/04/2008 02:00

Khalifa International Date Palm Award

Under the patronage of the President of the United Arab Emirates. ICGEB's UAE Affiliated Centre, the Date Palm Research and Development Programme, welcomes the initiative as strengthening collaboration in the field of date palm cultivation. See also Third International Date Palm Exhibition, Al Ain, UAE, to be held 22-26 October 2008.

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01/04/2008 02:00

Trial of strength between rice and bacteria

ICGEB: New discoveries from the Bacteriology Group led by Vittorio Venturi on the relationship between rice plants and their infesting bacteria, some of which are also pathogenic for human beings.

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01/04/2008 02:00

Genetic anti-doping

Doping in sports keeps pace with scientific progress; research at the Molecular Medicine Laboratory, ICGEB Trieste.

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06/04/2006 10:00

NATURE From the Front Lines

Shahid Jameel, Group Leader Mammalian Biology: Virology, ICGEB New Delhi, comments on the H5N1 flu virus

Read more …

02/04/2006 10:10

Malaria vaccine being developed

Virander S. Chauhan, Director ICGEB New Delhi speaks of the protein-based malaria vaccine being developed at the Centre.

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15/12/2005 12:00

NATURE Italy's bright spots

Featuring the scientific hub of Trieste, Italy.

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30/08/2004 18:20


They're not big, BUT THEY ARE CLEVER featuring Trieste, "a capital of scientific research", and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology ICGEB.

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11/04/2003 20:00


"Recognition by the UN or the EU is something we strive for," says ICGEB Director-General Arturo Falaschi.."

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