ICGEB projects awarded Italy-Slovenia Inter-Regional funding


TRAIN combining biomedicine and bio-computer skills to improve diagnosis and therapy

tl_files/News 2017/INTERREG/Genes_testing-Sun-study-release-470x313.jpg"TRAIN", a project headed by Serena Zacchigna, Group Leader, Cardiovascular Biology, Trieste, has been awarded over Euro 1 million in the context of the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 programme of the European Union. The programme aims to promote innovation, sustainability and cross-border governance to create a more "competitive, cohesive and livable area".

TRAIN addresses the common challenge to the Europe 2020 Strategy for Intelligent Growth, and the Smart Specialization to strengthen synergies between research institutes and enterprises to accelerate innovation through technology transfer.

The project aims to conduct interdisciplinary research with new technologies and partners with other excellence research institutes, Institute Jozef Stefan, the International postgraduate School MPS, Ljubjana, training institute, the biomedical SME, Experteam, and two biotech compnay clusters, Technology Park Ljubljana and Biovalley. In particular, it will combine current biomedicine and bio-computer skills to improve diagnosis and therapy of various pathologies, such as myocardial infarction, difficult wounds and infectious/inflammatory diseases, and to accelerate transfer from research to industry through the creation of a set of kits available to biomedical companies to test activity of new biopharmaceutical products.

The project combines, for the first time, two distinct areas of research into the development of ready-to-use kits for biomedical professionals, thus increasing marketing and enjoyment potential across the cross-border area.

Figure: shows a coloured file from a bioinformatic analysis of large data.


Eco-friendly viticulture on the Italo-Slovenian border 

tl_files/News 2017/INTERREG/puzzle-agalive_Crop-570x321.jpg

SUSGRAPE, a project in collaboration with Vittorio Venturi, Group Leader, Bacteriology Trieste, and coordinated by AREA Science Park, aims to lower the use of chemical substances and Co2 emissions in grapevines, and to study the development of new pesticides. 

The project adopts Information and Ccommunication Technology ICT in viticulture to reduce the use of chemical substances, of Co2 emissions, water consumption for irrigation while increasing the healthiness and quality of the end product. SUSGRAPE stems from the need expressed by viticuluture partners to move towards more sustainable agricultural methods and to combat diseases that usually compromise the health of the plants effecting productivity. One of the principal objectives is also to determine the potentiality of microbiology applied to agriculture, through genetic analysis of the cross-border bacteria populations that characterise the vines, with a view to developming new biopesticides.

ICGEB obtained funding for two of the 27 proposals funded through the programme and among 160 applications received.

Further information: Martina Viviani, Head, Fundraising, Technology Transfer and Innovation, ICGEB Trieste


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