Open Day 2014

ICGEB Trieste, Open Day, 10 May 2014

On Saturday, 10 May 2014, ICGEB Trieste opens its laboratories to the local community. 

A great opportunity to hear of the ICGEB's activities directly from the people who make them happen. Visitors will be  shown how a molecular biology laboratory is organized and how it works; principal methodologies of genetic engineering will be described and demonstrated.

  • Who are we? What do we do?
  • How do we use fruit flies (Drosofila) in the study of neurological pathologies?
  • Normal and cancerogenous cells - under the microscope
  • Grow bacteria in different environments 
  • The lab environment and equipment explained
  • Bacteria and insects for kids
  • Freely available scientific movies produced at ICGEB

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Further information and bookings for Open Day in Trieste are available via the AREA Science Park Web site

For ICGEB Open Day, also contact us directly on: +39-040-37571 - see ICGEB's programme

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