Patents and other intellectual property rights are assigned a key role in the achievement of the ICGEB's objectives. The Patent Policy remains that of promoting the development, production and wide application of biotechnology, particularly in the interest of developing countries. The ICGEB aims to overcome the difficulties encountered by developing countries in fostering innovation, ownership and in-house application, promoting the transfer of technology and know-how to Member countries.

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microRNAs for cardiac regeneration through induction of cardiac myocyte proliferation

Inventors Priority date Download the video
Mauro Giacca
Ana Eulalio
Miguel Mano
Serena Zacchigna
23 December 2011 tl_files/hq/pics/MicroRNAs.jpg

A cellular model for the screening of molecules affecting TDP-43 aggregation

Inventors Priority date Download the video
Francisco E. Baralle
Emanuele Buratti
Mauricio Budini
4 November 2011 tl_files/hq/pics/Cellular model for screening molecules.jpg

Antimalarial Agents. US 61/993136
Priority date: 14 January 2014
Inventors: Kotra, L. P., Mohammed A., Malhohtra, P., Chakka, S.K., Wei, L.
Engineering E.coli Strain for conservation of short chain fatty acids to Bioalcohals. 2651/DEL/2013
Priority date: 6 September 2013
Inventors: Yazdani S.S., Mattem, A.J.
A novel method to produce influenza A virus matrix protein M1capsid like particles. 91/DEL/2013
Priority date: 14 January 2013
Inventors: Lal S., Baniasadi, V.
A method for the isolation of small RNAs.  3710/DEL/2012
Priority date: 4 December 2012
Inventors: Mishra, N. S., Mittal D.

Peptides for modulationg drug resistance in yeast. Joint application with JNU. 2896/DEL/2012

Priority date: 17 September 2012
Inventors: Maurya, I. K., Tahota, K. C., Sharma, J., Chauhan, V.C., Prasad, R.
Pathways to enhance production of Bioalcohals in Bacteria.  2696/DEL/2012, PCT/IN2013/000535
Priority date: 30 August 2012
Inventors: Yazdani S.S., Munjal, N., Mattem, A.J.
Novel cellulolytic enzymes and their Chimera.  2695/DEL/2012
Priority date: 30 August 2012
Inventors: Yazdani S.S, Adlakha, N.
Method for stable expression of suppressors off RNAI in plants by direct genetic transformation of seeds.  2694/DEL/2012, US 14/015018
Priority date: 30 August 2012
Inventors: Mishra, S. N., Das, S. S.


Modified Amphipathic dipeptide based assembled nanoparticles: vehicles for targeted tumor drug delivery. 2612/DEL/2012
Priority date: 23 August 2012
Inventors: Chauhan, V.S.
Novel compositions for the treatment and prevention of malaria. 177/DEL/2012
Priority date: 20 January 2012
Inventors: Chauhan, V.S., Shadab J.J. 
Pichia pastoris-expressed Dengue envelope-based virus like particles as safe, efficacious and inexpensive dengue subunit vaccine. 1663/DEL/2011
Priority date: 13 June 2011
Inventors: Mani, S., Tripathi, L., Kartik, D., Khanna, N., Swaminathan, S., Tyagi, P.
Envelope Domain III based Dengue vaccine candidate using Hepatitis B virus core antigen virus like particles as modular display system. 1662/DEL/2011
Priority date: 13 June 2011
Inventors: Arora, U., Tyagi, P., Khanna, N, Swaminathan, S.
Combinations of multiple molecular target inhibitors for treatment of abnormal cell growth. 1650/DEL/2011
Priority date: 1 June 2011
Inventors: Rao, K., Jailkhani, N., Ravichandran, S.
Carbon-nanotube applications to modify electro-mechanical properties of cardiac myocytes. Joint application with University of Colorado and University of Trieste. PCT/U52012128930
Priority date: 14 March 2011
Inventors: L. Mestroni, C. Long, J. Caldwell, L. Ballerini, M. Prato, G. Cellot, F.M. Toma, V. Martinelli, L. Zentilin.
Novel Composition for eliminating, reducing or retarding growth of drug resistant myco-bacteria. Joint application with Sphaera Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 547/DEL/2011
Priority date: 1 March 2011
Inventors: Rao, K., Verma, D.K., Singh, V.
Novel host factor as therapeutic targets for development of anti-tubercolosis. Joint application with Sphaera Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 548/DEL/2011
Priority date: 1 March 2011
Inventors: Rao, K., Verma, D.K., Singh, V.
Novel Composition for treatment of multi drug resistant mycobacterial infection. Joint application with Sphaera Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 546/DEL/2011
Priority date: 1 March 2011
Inventors: Rao, K., Verma, D.K., Singh, V.
Novel Composition for tuberculosis. Joint application with Sphaera Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 545/DEL/2011
Priority date: 1 March 2011
Inventors: Rao, K., Verma, D.K., Singh, V.
Immunotherapy of Infectious Diseases. 124/DEL/2011
Priority date: 19 January 2011
Inventors: Das, G., Majumdar, T., Rao, K.
Priority date: 25 November 2010
Inventors: Oscar Burrone, Marco Bestagno, Lara Vecchi
Priority date: 15 October 2010
Inventors: Pagani, F., Pinotti, M
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Plant Cell Wall Hydrolyzing Enzymes Insect Mid-Gut Bacterium. 2071/DEL/2010
Priority date: 31 August 2010
Inventors: Yazdani, S.S., Adlakha, N.
Envelope domanin III based dengue vaccine candidate using HBsAg virus like particles as modular display system. 1820/DEL/2010
Priority date: 2 August 2010
Inventors: Khanna, N., Swaminathan, S., Dhar, N., Patil, A., Perween, G.C., Gurramkonda, G., Tyagi, P., Raut, R.
De novo designed cationic amphipathic antibacterial peptides. 1327/DEL/2010
Priority date: 8 June 2010
Inventors: Chauhan, V.S., Pathak S., Gupta, M.
Priority date: 10 December 2009
Inventors: Giacca, M., Agostini, S.
An anti-malarial vaccine. 1814/DEL/2009
Priority date: 3 September 2009
Inventors: Chitnis, C., Singh, S., Alam, M.
Priority date: 29 June 2009
Inventors: Vindigni, A., Mendoza-Maldonado, R., Faoro, V., Odreman, F., Berti, M., Vindigni, M., Bonin, S., Skrap, M., Stanta, G.
Priority date: 23 January 2009
Inventors: Bhatnager, P.K., Katiyar, C.K., Khanna, N., Upadhyay, D.J., Swaminathan, S., Srinivas, K., Sharma, N., Kanaujia, A., Sood, R., Singhal, S., Shukla, G., Duggar, R., Pareek, P.K., Singh, Y., Khan, S., Raut, R.
Priority date: 5 September 2008
Inventors: Gupta, S., Singla, R., Behera, D., Khayyam, K.U., Korde, R., Malhotra, P., Natarajan K.
Screening and identification of novel host factors as therapeutic targets for design and development of anti tuberculosis drugs and process thereof. 2089/DEL/2008 & 94/DEL/2009
Priority date: 4 September 2008
Inventors: Rao, K.V.S., Jayaswal, S., Kamal, M.A., Kumar, D.
Use of small peptides corresponding to protein-protein interface residues of Plasmodium falciparum ClpQ protease (PfClpQ) and ClpY ATPase (PfClpY) or small drug like molecules designed based upon these peptides that interface with interaction of PfClpQ and PfClpY, as anti-malarial drugs. 2057/DEL/2008
Priority date: 1 September 2008
Inventors: Rathore, S., Sinha, D., Chauhan, V.S., Gupta, D., Mohammed, A.
Peptide from proregion of proteases inhibition of parasitic and infectious organisms. 1863/DEL/2008
Priority date: 6 August 2008
Inventors: Malhotra, P., Korde, R., Bhatnagar, R., Chauhan, V.S.
Use of a novel plasmodium falciparum merozoite apical protein as malaria vaccine. 1844/DEL/2008
Priority date: 4 August 2008
Inventors: Mohammed, A., Chauhan, V.S.
A fusion protein malaria vaccine consisting of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 1 and plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 3. 1737/DEL/2008
Priority date: 23 July 2008
Inventors: Mazumdar, S., Yazdani, S.S., Mohammed, A., Chauhan, V.S
A method for rapid and high frequency of regeneration of genetically transformed calli of Indica rice cultivar. 1736/DEL/2008
Priority date: 23 July 2008
Inventors: Singla-Pareek, S.L., Kumar, K., Sopory, S.K
Self Assembled hydrogel containing α, β- dehydrophenyalanine residue (PHE) and process for preparation thereof. 1735/DEL/2008
Priority date: 23 July 2008
Inventors: Panda, J.J., Mishra, A., Chauhan, V.S
Enzymatic composition of novel peptide(s) and protease(s) for degrading protease resistant proteins. 260/DEL/2008
Priority date: 30 January 2008
Inventors: Bhatnagar, R., Gupta, R., Arora, N., Ramani, P.
A humanized high affinity recombinant antibody against hepatitis B surface antigen. Joint application with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
Priority date: 23 January 2008
Inventors: Tiwari, A., Sinha, S., Khanna, N., Acharya, S.K.
Priority date: 12 June 2007
Inventors: Khanna, N., Sathyamangalam, S.
A recombinant mouse-human chimeric Fab against Hepatitis B surface antigen. Joint application with 1. Department of Biotechnology (DBT), 2. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
Priority date: 18 December 2006
Inventors: Sinha, S., Bose, B., Khanna, N., Acharya, S.K.
A virus-like particle (VLP) candidate vaccine for hepatitis E produced in Escherichia coll. 2040/DEL/2006
Priority date: 15 September 2006
Inventors: Jameel, S.A., Yazdani, S., Pani, B., Ganti, K.P., Khan, S.A.
Conformationally restricted alpha, beta-dehydrophenylalanine residue and its use in design of peptide nanotubes. 2382/DEL/2006
Priority date: 1 November 2006
Inventors: Chauhan, V.S., Gupta, M., Mishra, A.
Development of MY MIV based gene silencing vectors. 1267/DEL/2006
Priority date: 25 May 2006
Inventors: Mukherjee, S.K.
Tetravalent Dengue specific domain III based chimeric recombinant protein as dengue diagnostic intermediated of high specificity for detenction of both dengue IgM. 2539/DEL/2005
Priority date: 20 September 2005
Inventors: Khanna, N., Swaminathan, S., Batra, G., Hapugoda, M.
Priority date: 26 May 2005
Inventors: Saxena, A.K., Gupta, B.D., Kapahi, B.K., Shanmugavel M., Mondhe, D.M., Qazi, G.N., Mathan, G., Kumar, V.
Priority date: 25 May 2005
Inventors: Sahal, D., Chetal, P., Ananthanaram, A., Chauhan, V.S.
A Method of treating a plant to make it salt tolerant; a vector for use in the said treatment and its sequence thereof. 1340/DEL/2005
Priority date: 25 May 2005
Inventors: Bhattacharjee, B., Nair, S., Mohan, M., Vashisht, A.A., Tuteja, N.
A novel selectable marker system for transgenic plants. 2618/DEL/2004
Priority date: 31 December 2004
Inventors: Singla-Pareek, S.L, Yadav, S.K., Reddy, M.K., Sopory, S.K.
Priority date: 31 December 2004
Inventors: Reddy, V.S., Hassairi, A., Islam, A.
Regeneration of plants and medium for use thereof. 1602/DEL/2004
Priority date: 26 August 2004
Inventors: Bhattacharjee, B., Nair, S., Mohan, M.
Extration of latex of Calotropis procera and a process for the praparation thereof. Joint application with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). 737/DEL/2004
Priority date: 19 April 2004
Inventors: Kumar, V.L., Kumar, V.
Priority date: 15 December 2003
Inventors: Bhatnagar, R.K., Rajagopal, R., Rao, N.G.V.
Priority date: 18 September 2003
Inventors: Reddy, V.S., Leelavathi, S., Nguyen, H.T.
Priority date: 7 August 2003
Inventors: Khanna, N., Ananda Rao, R., Jana, A.M.
Conscious evolution of proteins through codon huffling. 609/DEL/2003
Priority date: 16 April 2003
Inventors: Ranganathan, A., Chopra, S.
Priority date: 1 July 2002
Inventors: Sahal, D., Kannan, R., Chauhan, V.S.
Priority date: 17 October 2001
Inventors: Mohan, M., Nair, S., Kumar, A., Sandesai, N.
Process for xykanase production. Joint application with IMTECH
Priority date: 2 August 2001
Inventors: Reddy, V.S., Leelavathi, S., Gupta, N., Maiti, S., Ghosh, A.
Priority date: 3 August 1999
Inventors: Baralle, F.E., Fló, J., Tisminetzky,S
Priority date: 23 September 1998
Inventors: Kumar, V., Singh, M., Totey, S.M., Anand, R.K
Screening Method for determining individuals at risk of developing diseases associated with different polymorphic forms of wildtype p53
Priority date: 22 September 1997
Inventors: Matlashewski et al.
Priority date: 11 September 1995
Inventors: Khanna N.

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