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At the 22nd session of the ICGEB Board of Governors it was decided to explore the interest of Member States in establishing ICGEB Regional Research Centres (RRC).

An ICGEB RRC is a National Research Centre, or a part thereof, with independent governance, which is shared between the ICGEB and the Member State Government (a Regional Research Centre). The RRC will contribute to strengthen research skills, knowledge and capacities of the local scientific community while pursuing specific objectives for research, training and technology transfer to industry, which would benefit both the hosting country and the region where the RRC is located. 

Major priorities for an RRC are to:

  1. Perform research at the highest international level. The topics for activity can be identified through mutual agreement.
  2. Increase international cooperation and recruit scientists at the international level.
  3. Provide platforms for education and training of the highest international standards.
  4. Promote technology transfer to industry to foster the local biotech industry through the creation of start-ups.

An ICGEB RRC can provide the means to achieve these goals as follows:

  1. Host the activity of 5-10 research groups including international scientists. Some of the PIs of these groups might be seconded from existing national Universities or Research Centres others should be recruited internationally.
  2. Through a dedicated Fellowship programme, postdoctoral and PhD fellows will be eligible to receive support and participate in the groups’ activities.
  3. Education remains a major part of ICGEB’s activities. The RRC would organize and host meetings, courses and workshops on the topics of greatest relevance to the activities of the RRC, and would bring international experts. This program would be managed in coordination with the Meetings and Courses programme of the ICGEB
  4. At least some of the RRC research groups should ideally be involved in translational research and, eventually, in technology transfer to the national and regional biotech industry.

In May, 2018 presentations of the Regional Research Centres (RRCs) to be located in the China Medical City science park, Taizhou,China, and in Panama City, also located within a new science park,  INDICASAT AIP, were made to the ICGEB Board of Governors.

Other recent developments include the advancing proposal for an RRC in Sri Lanka and the renewed expression of interest by Brazil to explore an RRC proposal.

An outline of a proposal for the creation of an ICGEB RRC is provided below.

CMC Science Park, Taizhou comprises more than 800 companies working in the biomedical sector, including the subsidiaries of several large multinational pharmaceutical companies, and ICGEB will be the catalyst for research in the field of innovative pharmaceutical therapies for cancer and degenerative diseases. 

at INDICASAT AIP, Panama City research of the ICGEB RRC will focus on the use of molecules deriving from natural resources of the country to develop new pharmaceuticals against infectious and degenerative diseases.


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